The day Lesley walked out of the Big Brother house

Big Brother is playing crowd noise into the house before Gerry arrives into the house. Lesley says something to one of the girls who tells her to calm down. “Why, you never do” she replies. Lesley looks suitably unimpressed. Gerry says “Does David know you’re hear” to Chanelle who immediately screams with glee at being acknowledged as a Victoria Beckam lookalike.

Seany arrives and Laura thinks he looks like a clown. Immediately Big Brother calls them to the diary room. Shabnam and Charley are so excited. Shabnam claims that the house just got interesting because there used to just be the two of them. Big Brother’s letter says that only Gerry and Seany can nominate this week along with two other housemates that they choose. Seany is wondering where the alcohol is.

Inside, Laura is asking who it was the crowd was chanting “Get… someone out”. It was someone with a Eeee sounding name. So it could be Charley, Lesley, Tracey or Ziggy.

Tracey is talking with Seany about parties. The three boys sit together and Ziggy tells them that no matter what happens, they will stick together. Sam and Amanda come over and do their introduction thing with Laura, Chanelle and Carole.

Tracey and Lesley are outside and Lesley is a bit upset. Obviously two new housemates is going to be a bit much for her.

Ziggy, Gerry and Seany are in the diary room and Gerry is comparing the house to being like a tribe of Amazonian women. Ziggy is joking about how painful it’s been with all the girly stuff. Gerry says that what Big Brother did to Ziggy is pretty unacceptable.

Ziggy and Chanelle sneak into the toilet out in the garden for a quick snog. Ziggy and Chanelle are forming quite a close bond in the house.

Ziggy and Gerry are in the bathroom talking about all the girls in the house. Gerry is asking if he’s gotten it on with any of the women in the house. Gerry says that sex is his only vice but he doesn’t think he’s going to get any here.

Seany is sitting with Charley and Nicky and figures that it was her name that the crowd were chanting when he arrived. “Get Charley Out! Get Charley Out!”

Charley and Nicky tell Seany to pull Lesley’s duvet cover off her. They say he doesn’t have the balls to do it but they want him to since he has to be naughty on his first night. When Seany goes to bed, there are crackers all through his bed. He’s so obnoxious. He complains and Laura says that he’s just pulled the blankets off an old woman.

While everyone else is asleep, Lesley goes to see Big Brother and tells him that she is definitely wanting to leave. She says some of the others have become intolerable. She leaves to pack her bags and say her farewells.

Lesley’s last words are thank you for the opportunity and that she could have won it. She very well could have.

Seany is talking about sleeping arrangements and want the bed that Ziggy and Chanelle are in because he can’t sleep next to Tracey because she is a smoker and he can’t stand the smokey smell.

Big Brother tells Shabnam that her suitcase is in the storeroom and that her punishment is over.

In the diary room, Gerry says he loves the twins and compares them to porcelan dolls who you’d wish would never grow old. He thinks that Seany is trying to control the house and he’s going to keep an eye on him.

Seany tells everyone that he is gay and that he was a practicing muslim for a few years but he didn’t think Allah would have been too proud of his sexuality. Charley suggests he might be bisexual.

Gerry asks Laura if she talks to herself in the house and she tells him that Carole talks to herself all the time in the house.

Seany is in the diary room and Big Brother brings up him pulling the duvet off Lesley while she was asleep. The conversation gives him a massive guilt trip. He apologises. He walks out looking a bit depressed. He apologises to the group about his behaviour last night. Seany wonders if he’s caused a big drama in the house.

Ziggy and Gerry are talking about Seany and they don’t think he’s gay at all.

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