The Shield - Friday July 13

the shield
back to one (3/10)

The hard-hitting police drama continues its sixth season. Focusing on maverick detective Vic Mackey and his Strike Team, the series follows the day-to-day action of tough, morally ambiguous cops who have no qualms about breaking the law to put criminals behind bars. Tonight, Vic’s relentless search for Lem’s killer finally provides him with what he thinks is a chance to avenge his friend’s death, and Ronnie joins Dutch and Billings as they investigate a robbery-homicide linked to a crystal meth ring.

Despite Kavanaugh’s shocking confession that he set Vic up for Lem’s murder, the grieving Strike Team leader remains intent on seeking out Guardo Lima, the Salvadoran drug boss he believes is responsible for the killing. Shane begs his friend to let the dust settle, but Vic points out that nobody higher up is about to look for the killer. “They hung Lem out to the press as a dirty cop,” he reminds him. “That makes us the only ones who care enough to make it right.”

To lure Guardo out of his hiding place in Mexico, Vic continues to make him believe that his girlfriend Nydia has been kidnapped. When Guardo arrives in Los Angeles with the $50,000 ransom, Vic ignores the cash and follows Guardo back to his house. While Shane keeps an eye on Nydia, Vic takes Guardo to an abandoned shack in the mountains where he tries to torture the truth out of his hostage. Guardo insists that he knows nothing about Lem’s murder, pointing out that he was not even in the country when it happened. However, when he realises that Vic is not going to accept no for an answer, he gives him the name of gang member Lino Prieto. With his rage temporarily calmed, Vic heads off to find Lino – only to discover that Guardo was lying.

With renewed anger, Vic resumes his assault on Guardo while Shane looks on in horror. “Don’t you think he deserves to die for what he did?” asks Vic when Shane suggests that killing Guardo might not be the answer. Is Guardo about to pay for Shane’s crime?

Back at the Barn, Dutch and Billings are investigating a robbery homicide. “Second multiple murder in a week,” sighs Claudette. “Wonder what the brass is going to think about my bodycount.” To wrap the case up quickly and thus protect her reputation as the new captain, she assigns Ronnie to the case – pointing out to a truculent Dutch that the Strike Team member will not only provide useful insight into the case but may also inadvertently reveal details about Vic and Shane’s extra-curricular investigation. Ronnie’s help leads the bickering Dutch and Billings to a meth ring, but will Dutch manage to find out anything about Vic’s activities along the way?

Also in this week’s episode, Danny returns to work to take up her new position as sergeant after Claudette’s warning that the opening may not be there if she takes too much maternity leave; and Corrine tells Shane that she is worried about Vic’s single-minded quest to hunt down Lem’s killer. “What happens if he finds him?” she asks Shane who, already consumed by guilt, is wondering the same thing. And Vic returns to work only to find that Claudette has a new job for him: training up his replacement…

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