Vanished - Sunday July 1

the feed (5/13)

Continuing this week is the intriguing US drama series revolving around the disappearance of Sara Collins, the wife of Georgia senator Jeffrey Collins. This week, the FBI tracks a suspect wanted in connection with Sara’s disappearance; Ben is attacked in his cell; Sara’s past life is exposed; and Senator Collins contends with his ex-wife.

The hunt for Sara Collins has led detectives to a reservoir where a metal coffin has been unearthed. Opening the coffin in the morgue, Agents Kelton and Mei are surprised to discover it is empty – except for an earring. They quickly establish the earring belongs to Amanda McNeal, the late mayor’s wife who drowned in the reservoir ten years earlier: “Sara wasn’t buried there – Amanda was,” Mei says.

The agents turn their attention to the mystery of who pointed them in the direction of the reservoir. Kelton is convinced that a third party may be trying to aid their search. “Let’s say someone is trying to help us,” Agent Mei replies. “Why doesn’t he just come and introduce himself?” Kelton believes that fear is keeping the informant hidden – but their musings are cut short by the news that Ben Wilson, a suspect in custody, has been moved to another facility without their permission.

Kelton rushes to the jail and is shocked to discover that his name was forged on Ben’s transfer papers. He arrives in the cell to find Ben being attacked by a man with a knife, and shoots the assailant dead in the nick of time. Ben is returned to FBI headquarters for his own safety but swears that he did not know his would-be assassin. Kelton believes the lad is holding something back: “It wasn’t random,” he suggests, “they’re trying to keep you quiet.” Ben is stunned to hear that his court-appointed lawyer was an impostor, and decides to offer up the name of the woman who paid him to deliver money: Quinn.

The FBI raid Quinn’s house and find that she has disappeared through a hatch into a network of tunnels. The agents pursue their fugitive through an underground labyrinth until she is arrested. Once in custody, the mysterious Quinn refuses to answer questions or reveal her true name. Meanwhile, the FBI intercepts a video signal being sent to Quinn’s laptop, and tap into a live feed of Sara Collins, shackled to a bed in a room. As the agents scramble to locate the source of the feed, Kelton is frustrated by the slow progress: “This feed drops out, we lose our only lead,” he says.

Meanwhile, feisty reporter Judy Nash is accosted by Peter Manning, the fisherman who told her about Sara Collins’s past life under the assumed name of ‘Nicky’. Peter says that a video he owned of Nicky has been stolen, and Judy realises that someone is trying to erase all traces of Sara’s former life. Judy interviews Peter on TV, where he reveals his relationship with Sara for the first time. Senator Collins is stunned by Peter’s revelations about Sara’s past, and asks to meet the fisherman to hear his story.

The senator also faces trouble at home, as his ex-wife Jessica continues to ingratiate herself back into the family. Jessica has realised that the senator’s recent heart attack was faked in order to delay a crucial vote in the senate. She wastes no time in revealing this to her children, who are angry to learn that their father made them believe he was ill. Jessica convinces Jeffrey to let her stay a while longer: “You can’t do this alone,” she says. “Our kids need me, Jeffrey.” But can she really be trusted?

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