Vanished - Sunday June 24

before the flood (4/13)

Continuing this week is the intriguing new US series revolving around the disappearance of SaraCollins, the wife of Georgia senator Jeffrey Collins. In tonight’s episode, Agent Kelton receives a clue pointing to a reservoir that may contain Sara’s body. Marcy Collins’s boyfriend, Ben, languishes in a cell after being arrested for murder, while Marcy herself has shocking news for her father.

FBI Agent Graham Kelton is leading the hunt for Sara Collins – but his efforts are being hampered by an uncooperative witness: Senator Collins himself. Collins refuses to explain what happened at the abortive ransom drop in a high-rise elevator (see last week’s episode, ‘Drop’). Kelton suspects that Collins spoke to the kidnappers on the lift’s emergency phone and received the real ransom demand – but is frustrated by the senator’s refusal to tell the truth. “Why are you shutting me out when the only thing I’m trying to do is help you findyour wife?” Kelton asks.

Meanwhile, autopsy results on Amanda McNeal, the late mayor’s wife, show that she drowned in a body of water containing red clay. Unfortunately, there is no way to know where she drowned without analysing every lake in the region. A frustrated Kelton takes time out from the case to take his young daughter Inez to church, but while talking to the priest, he is shocked to see that Inez has wandered off. Kelton finds her safe and well nearby – but she has been given a prayer card with an address scrawled on it by a strange man. Kelton quizzes his daughter about the man who gave her the card but she can only recall that he was wearing rubber gloves.

Agent Mei traces the address on the card and discovers that it is now the location of a reservoir. The agents are interested to learn the reservoir contains red clay and was opened in 1996 – shortly after Amanda McNeal disappeared. Could this be the place where she died? Kelton does a sweep of the lake and chances upon a group of sinister individuals in diving gear next to a black van. Suddenly, he is attacked by a man with a gun and almost throttled –only for Mei to appear and shoot his assailant dead. The divers in the van flee, and the FBI cordon off the area.

The investigation is now focused upon the reservoir, which may have been used as a “body dump”. Infra-red scans show a body on the lake floor – could it be Sara? As the FBI waits to find out, Mei wonders who left Kelton the prayer card in the church: “Graham, whoever led you here – either they wanted you to uncover whatever was going on last night…” she begins. “Or they wanted me dead,” Kelton concludes. But before they can ponder any further, their attention is caught by a surprising discovery at the bottom of the lake…

Also this week, Marcy Collins’s boyfriend, Ben, is arrested on suspicion of murdering Mark Valera – the man who took Sara Collins from the hotel. A distraught Marcy faces a quandary: it was she that alerted the police to Ben’s whereabouts, believing him to be implicated in Sara’s disappearance. But now Marcy is convinced that he is being framed: “You have to help Ben,” she tells her father. “Someone is setting him up!” Marcy also has shocking news that makes her even more desperate to see her boyfriend: “I’m pregnant,” she announces. Senator Collins arranges for his daughter to see Ben, but, after her betrayal, will he want to see her?

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