CSI Miami: "Rio," Tuesday July 17

csi: miami
rio (1/24)
tuesday, 21.00–22.00

The fifth season of the hit crime drama begins on Five this week. Lieutenant Horatio Caine (David Caruso) leads a team of top forensic investigators delving into the seamier side of life in Miami. This week’s season premiere travels to the sizzling streets of Rio de Janeiro, where Horatio and colleague Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez) embark upon a mission of vengeance as they hunt down a South American drug lord.

At the end of Season Four, Horatio’s new wife Marisol, sister to CSI Delko, was gunned down as her brother looked on in horror. The murder was aimed squarely at Horatio, as the killer – a South American drug lord named Antonio Riaz – promised to take away everything that was near and dear to the detective. Riaz was extradited to Rio, but as Horatio and Delko learn in Tuesday’s opening instalment, a legal technicality means that the drug dealer is to walk free.
Determined to bring Riaz to justice, Horatio pays a visit to his sister-in-law Yelina Salas (Sofia Milos), now living in Rio with husband Ray (Horatio’s brother) and son Ray Jr. Horatio hopes that his brother can help him find Riaz among the city’s dangerous favela districts, but Yelina has some ominous news: Ray is missing and may be involved in drugs once again. Their conversation angers 14-year-old Ray Jr, who defends his father – much to Yelina’s dismay. “He idolises his father,” she says. “I’m afraid he’s going to be just like him.”

Horatio finds a leaf on a pair of his brother’s shoes and sends an image of it back to the Miami lab for analysis. The leaf is identified as a rainforest plant, which may come from an inner city park. Horatio and Delko head to the scene, only to find Ray strung up in a shed, beaten and left for dead. Lying in his brother’s arms, Ray warns Horatio that Ray Jr has become involved with Riaz’s gang: “Riaz has got his hooks into him – you’ve got to help him,” he whispers, before dying.

With no time to grieve, Horatio races to find his nephew, who appears to have sided with Riaz. In the middle of a crowded square, Riaz gloats to Horatio: “I told you, Caine – I was going to take everything you have!” Riaz and Ray Jr disappear on a trolley car into one of the favelas. A tip-off from an eyewitness soon helps the CSIs put the pieces together: Riaz is using teenage boys as ‘mules’ to carry heroin into the USA by swallowing rubber pellets – and it seems that Ray Jr is among the next group of mules.

Delko tracks Riaz down to his helipad and the pair engage in a vicious knife-fight. Horatio arrives in time to kill Riaz and finally avenge Marisol’s death – but Ray Jr is still missing and in grave danger. Horatio and Delko must return to Miami to smash Riaz’s drug ring once and for all, and locate Ray Jr before the pellets in his stomach can do him harm.

Back in Miami, Calleigh (Emily Procter) has taken temporary charge of the team, while former lab technician Natalia Boa Vista (Eva La Rue) has been appointed to full CSI status. On her first day, Boa Vista investigates the murder of Hillary Silvers in her home. Hillary’s husband Carl is the prime suspect, and Carl’s stepson Scott tells Boa Vista that he always hated his stepfather. The new CSI inadvertently suggests that Carl is guilty of the crime: “They’ll get the guy,” she says of the police.

But when a workman confesses to the murder, Carl is set free. Scott, unaware that his stepfather is innocent, shoots him dead outside police headquarters – and blames Boa Vista for provoking him: “You said they’d get him,” he says. “You promised!” Boa Vista’s first day turns into a nightmare as she is called upon to explain her actions.

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  • t won’t spoil the fun but this episode turned out pretty disappointing. Don’t get your hopes up too high.

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