Hi-5 - Monday July 16 - Friday July 20

old and new (21/45)

Australian kids’ entertainers Hi-5 continue their ninth series. The popular fivesome – Nathan, Tim, Charli, Kellie and Sun (who replaces Kathleen during her maternity leave), along with puppets Jup Jup and Chatterbox – appeal to a wide range of children, as they make learning fun through music, movement and laughter.

This week’s theme is ‘Old and New’, while the song of the week is ‘Time Machine’.

Today’s episode, ‘Old Places’, features Nathan as the ranger in a rainforest. He is putting up new signs for the plants but gets them mixed up!

In Tuesday’s show, ‘People and Animals’, Charli dresses up as a woolly mammoth, while Kellie and Chats pretend to be cave people.

Wednesday’s show is ‘New Cities and Inventions’, in which Kellie builds a cardboard city – Kelliopolis – and invents a new language to go with it: ‘Kellie Talk’.

On Thursday, in ‘Treasures’, Sun pretends to dig for treasure in Ancient Egypt.

Rounding off the week’s episodes is ‘Ways of Recording Experience’ on Friday, in which Nathan makes new portraits of the Hi-5 gang.

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