The Shield - Friday August 3

the shield
chasing ghosts (6/10)

The hard-hitting police drama continues its sixth season tonight, with an episode helmed by ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ director Frank Darabont. In tonight’s instalment, Vic begins to harbour suspicions about who really killed Lem, while the murder of a city official’s daughter puts the Strike Team in a difficult position.

After finding out that Salvadoran gangster Guardo had nothing to do with Lem’s murder, Vic initially turns his attentions to his old nemesis, One-Niner kingpin Antwon Mitchell. But when he visits Antwon in jail to confront him, he is shocked to find that Antwon had nothing to do with it. “I didn’t off your boy,” says Antwon. “Wish I did. And so do you – because if you’re coming after me for this, that means you lost your last clue.”

Vic is back at square one, and is surprised when Shane attempts to dissuade him from continuing the search for Lem’s killer. “We finished this,” he insists. “There’s nothing more to find out.” When Vic disputes this theory, Shane reiterates: “Stop asking questions that there are no answers to.” Vic slowly begins to wonder if there may be something more to Shane’s insistence on dropping the case, and starts running his suspicions past Ronnie. “I don’t wanna think like that,” replies Ronnie, but Vic wants answers. Are they about to find them?

While Vic wrestles with the awful possibility that Shane had something to do with Lem’s death, Guardo’s ghost comes back to haunt him in the form of Nydia, the gangster’s girlfriend who the Strike Team used to lure Guardo to Los Angeles. She raises Dutch and Claudette’s suspicions when she complains about the ‘witness protection’ in which Vic placed her, claiming that the Strike Team knows what happened to the suddenly missing Guardo. Vic’s attempts to cover his tracks, however, are put on hold when the team is put on a high-profile murder case.

The investigation is an extremely sensitive one, involving the daughter of city controller Robert Martin. Emily Martin has been found dead in a known drug haven, but Aceveda tells Vic that protecting the Martin family name is of paramount importance. As the detectives delve deeper into the sordid case, they realise that their job is going to be very difficult –Emily was a heroin addict who had been offering dealers sexual favours in return for drugs. But Vic soon realises that keeping the truth under wraps may benefit his own situation as well as the Martins’…

Elsewhere this week, Vic has yet more trouble to contend with when his daughter, Cassidy, (played by Michael Chiklis’s real-life daughter, Autumn Chiklis) confronts him about his shady past – especially the fact that he fathered Danny’s baby. Tina returns to the Barn, much to the smitten Dutch’s delight, but is irritated when the recently promoted Danny assigns her to a tedious clerical job. And Vic decides to lay his suspicions about Shane to rest by confronting his old friend face-to-face. He is about to get the answers he wanted –but is he really prepared for them?

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