The Shield - Friday July 20

the shield
the new guy (4/10)

The hard-hitting police drama continues its sixth season.Tonight, Claudette introduces Vic to his replacement, Detective Kevin Hiatt (Alex O’Loughlin), while Dutch and Billings investigate a horrifying rape and abduction case.

Still emotionally wounded by Lem’s death, Vic and the remaining members of the Strike Team are unimpressed when new guy Kevin Hiatt joins them at the scene of a multiple homicide. There is little time for pleasantries as Hiatt helps them corner the last man standing – a young gang member who explains that he and a group of others had fallen foul of the One-Niner gang.

Back at the Barn, Vic voices his concerns about Hiatt to Claudette but she tells him that it will be good for his image to work alongside Hiatt. “Give you a chance to show you can play well with others,” she says candidly, adding that Vic’s forced ‘resignation’ is up for review in a couple of weeks and may be overturned. Vic promises that he can “make it work” and heads off triumphantly, while Hiatt remains behind. “I’m confused,” he tells Claudette. “I lied to Mackey,” admits the Captain. “In three weeks, he’s gone. Period.”

Blissfully unaware that the clock is ticking for him, Vic gets to work training Hiatt and filling him in on the Farmington gang situation. He finds out that the massacre happened after a meeting between the One-Niners and a group of young members who wanted out went sour. One of the young men, Vantes, was the leader of a ‘revolution’ which advocated starting a new life, but it seems that the Niners were not happy about letting them go. With Vantes and three other survivors “in the wind”, Vic sets up a meeting with Niner boss Moses to ask him to back off – and introduce him to Hiatt.

Moses claims that one of his ‘lieutenants’ is responsible for the shootings, and sarcastically dismisses the ‘revolution’ as a scam. He later offers Vic a deal: if he can kill Vantes, he will let the others go – on condition that Vic arrange for the cops to turn a blind eye to the Niners for a couple of months. “I took the deal,” Vic tells Hiatt. “At least that’s what he thinks.” But when one of the runaways is found dead, Vic realises that Moses had no intention of keeping up his end of the deal either. Can he find the others before Moses gets to them?

With Vic occupied, Claudette puts Dutch and Billings on a rape-abduction case. The details of the crime remind Dutch of another case, in which a runaway teen called Princess claimed to have been kidnapped and raped. Princess’s claims were ignored by the cops that time round, due to lack of evidence, but it now seems that she was telling the truth – and that the perpetrator has not yet finished his work. Dutch realises that the rapist is escalating: “He’ll go further next time.”

Also this week, Aceveda meets an influential businessman who offers him a way to further his political career, while Tina’s career takes an unexpected turn for the better. Corrine tells the Strike Team that she believes Lem spoke to her in a dream. Claudette presents Julien with a lifechanging job offer. And Vic reacts to a tragedy with shocking force.

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