The Shield - Thursday July 26

the shield
haunts (5/10)

The hard-hitting police drama continues its sixth season with an episode directed by Michael Chiklis, who plays Vic Mackey. Tonight, Claudette puts the Strike Team on the case of the San Marco massacre after being pressurised by Aceveda. Meanwhile, Dutch and Billings make progress in the serial rapist case; and Shane makes a shocking confession to Mara.

Tonight’s episode begins with a shock for everyone – and a nasty sense of déjà vu for Vic and Ronnie – when a cop found beaten to a pulp is rushed into the ER and identified as Shane. When his worried colleagues come in to see him, Shane claims not to remember what happened to him. As Vic vows to find out who targeted yet another member of his Strike Team, Claudette arranges for Danny to act as protective detail outside Shane’s room.

Back at the Barn, Claudette fills in Vic and Hiatt on the recent San Marco house murders, having had the pressure put on her by Aceveda. Aceveda knows that if the detectives at the Barn can find out who killed the 12 Mexican nationals, putting the murderers away will make him look good. Aware of this fact, Claudette tells Vic to make this case the Strike Team’s number one priority, and goes on to explain that solving it could mean “the difference between keeping the Barn open and closing it forever.”

Meanwhile, Dutch and Billings continue to work the disturbing case of the sexual predator who has been targeting young runaways. When Carlos Morganza (Brian Howe, ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’), a man who works for the child protection service, comes forward with a surprising amount of help, Billings gets the sense that he may actually be their suspect. “A lot of these freaks like to insert themselves into the investigation,” he reminds Dutch, pointing out that Morganza fits their profile to a tee. When they find out that Morganza’s own daughter went missing three years ago, the detectives begin to realise that he may be exacting a kind of twisted revenge on other runaways. But can they find out what he has been up to without alerting him to their suspicions?

Elsewhere, Vic is angry when he finds out that Shane’s attacker is the stepfather of Tilli, the 18-year-old girlfriend of One-Niner leader Moses. After picking Shane up from the hospital, Vic berates him for his dangerous choice of mistress. Shane is in no mood to be lectured, pointing out that Vic has not exactly been the model of fidelity himself. “Ever think about just coming clean?” asks Shane, baldly. When Vic replies in the negative, Shane responds: “I guess we just have to live with it.” But Vic has no way of knowing exactly what Shane wants to get off his chest – nor that he plans to reveal the truth soon…

Also this week, Claudette is furious when Aceveda ‘ambushes’ her about the San Marco massacre and undermines her authority. Vic reluctantly helps out his former partner Joe Clark (Carl Weathers) and is alarmed to witness some methods rivalling his own. Shane, anxious to save his marriage after his pregnant wife Mara finds out that he has been unfaithful, resorts to desperate measures to keep her on his side. And Vic is horrified when he finds out that he may have killed the wrong man in revenge for Lem’s murder.

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