Vanished - Saturday July 21

aftermath (8/13)

Continuing this week is the intriguing US drama series revolving around the disappearance of Sara Collins, the wife of Georgia senator Jeffrey Collins. In tonight’s episode, the FBI reacts to the shooting of Agent Kelton; Senator Collins meets his wife’s kidnappers; and Jessica intervenes to help Marcy and Ben.

In the final moments of last week’s episode, Agent Kelton was gunned down at the Senate, while trying to warn Jeffrey Collins to change his vote in favour of Judge Rainer’s appointment to the Supreme Court. At the beginning of this week’s instalment, the FBI agent is rushed to hospital, only to be pronounced dead on arrival. As Kelton’s devastated colleagues mourn, Agent Mei rejects Tyner’s offer of reassignment: “I’m going to finish what we started,” she vows.

Kelton’s old roommate, Agent Daniel Lucas (Eddie Cibrian), arrives at the Atlanta field office to take over the Collins investigation. His first job is to identify Kelton’s killer from security camera footage by using special face-recognition software. As the computer scans its database for a match, Tyner arrives with news that a security alert was started at the Senate by the Atlanta office – but who was responsible?

Mei has some explaining to do: she is forced to admit that Kelton asked her to engineer the alert in order to buy himself time; furthermore, she reveals that Senator Collins is being blackmailed to vote for Judge Rainer. “What else aren’t you telling me?” Lucas demands, when he sees that Mei is holding something back. She finally confesses that Kelton made contact with their mysterious informant, who had pointed them in the direction of five politicians killed in plane crashes. But how are these pieces of evidence related?

The agents begin to make progress when the computer finds a series of faces matching their suspect, suggesing that Kelton’s killer has dozens of aliases. But it is the shooter’s jacket, discarded in a bin, that provides the first breakthrough: a dead insect hailing from the North Carolina region is found in a pocket. When it emerges that one of the gunman’s aliases – Edward Morrell – has a North Carolina address, it would seem the agents have their man. “Looks like we found our shooter,” Mei says. An FBI SWAT team descends on the house, but there is an explosive surprise in store…

Also this week, Senator Collins is forced to make a detour on his journey home from Washington. He is ushered aboard a replacement jet when his own plane is waylaid – but it is only when a technical fault causes them to land in North Carolina that the senator becomes suspicious. Stepping into a deserted hangar, Jeffrey sees a figure bound and gagged on a chair: it is Sara!

Jeffrey is forced to sit and listen as Sara’s captor – Edward Morrell – reveals himself. “The delays in meeting our demands have been unacceptable,” he says. With ruthless calm, Morrell puts a gun against Sara’s head. Is the senator’s search for his wife about to come to an abrupt end?

Meanwhile, Marcy Collins attempts to raise money to bail her boyfriend, Ben, out of jail. When her grandfather refuses to oblige, her mother Jessica steps in, and turns to Jeffrey’s chief advisor, JT, for help. “You asked me what it would take to get me out of here,” she says. “Is the offer still open?” Jessica secures the money for her daughter but, in return, she must leave the Collins house forever.

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