Vanished - Sunday July 15

resurrection (7/13)

Continuing this week is the intriguing US drama series revolving around the disappearance of Sara Collins, the wife of Georgia senator Jeffrey Collins. This week, the FBI makes a shocking discovery about Sara; Senator Collins resolves to vote against Judge Rainer’s elevation to the Supreme Court; and Agent Kelton tries to contact the mysterious informant who has been helping him.

The FBI has tracked the source of the live video feed of Sara Collins to a log cabin in the woods, only to find the room filled with blood. DNA tests quickly confirm that the blood matches that of the senator’s wife, and a dejected Agent Kelton travels to Jeffrey Collins’s home to inform him.

The grief-stricken senator holds Judge Rainer and his cronies responsible for his wife’s death, and curses Kelton for not allowing him to yield to their demands: “Why couldn’t you let me give them what they wanted?” he says. Collins was being blackmailed to vote for Rainer’s elevation to the Supreme Court, but now that Sara is dead, he resolves to defeat him in the vote. For the time being, however, news of Sara’s demise must be kept secret until her body is found.

The hunt for Sara’s killers gets underway, but Kelton has other ideas: he plans to contact the anonymous informant who has left clues in the form of St Nathan prayer cards for the agents to find. The cards are a reference to Kelton’s failure to save a previous kidnap victim – a boy named Nathan. Now he is desperate for his informant’s aid: “If he really wants to help, now’s the time,” he says. To this end, Kelton and Mei make a false appeal to the press asking for information about a white van with the registration, “1N8N” – a code for “One Nathan”. When Kelton’s boss, Agent Tyner, learns of the appeal, he berates him for releasing false information: “I’ve done everything I can to protect you – that courtesy is over!” he says. Tyner has further news: Kelton has been ordered to Washington to explain his handling of the case.

Relieved of duty, Kelton attends his daughter’s Holy Communion, only to discover an earpiece in the pew next to him. Fitting the device to his ear, he finds himself talking to his “Nathan” informant. The mysterious voice refuses to answer his questions and hints that larger forces are at work: “Forget Sara Collins,” he says. “Her death is nothing compared to the damage that will be done if Judge Rainer is confirmed to the Supreme Court.” The contact gives Kelton the names of a series of politicians who have recently died in plane crashes – are they connected to the case?

In Washington, TV reporter Judy Nash meets up with her ex-lover Daniel Lucas (Eddie Cibrian, ‘Third Watch’) for a romantic evening. The next day, Lucas heads to work at FBI headquarters, where he is revealed to be a former roommate and superior of Agent Kelton. Lucas greets his old friend with the news that he must announce Sara Collins’s death to the press: “Bad news needs a messenger,” he says.

Before Kelton can break the news, however, Mei calls with him with a new revelation about the case. A lab technician has found that Sara’s blood was diluted to make it appear that there was a greater quantity than there really was. “They staged her death!” Kelton concludes. There is still a chance to save Sara’s life – if Senator Collins changes his vote in favour of Judge Rainer. But with the vote underway at Capitol Hill, can Kelton reach the senator in time? A desperate race to the Senate ensues, with a shocking climax in store.

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