Angela's Eyes - Saturday August 18

angela’s eyes
eyes on the prize (13/13)

Concluding tonight on Five is the compelling US drama series that focuses on the work of Angela Henson –an FBI agent with a unique talent for seeing through lies. In tonight’s season finale, the murder of Angela’s old nemesis sparks a dramatic investigation that leads the agent ever closer to discovering the truth about her parents. Jack Stillman, the enigmatic ‘fixer’ often at the heart of the FBI’s investigations, this week reveals himself to be involved in the conspiracy surrounding Angela’s parents.

Meeting a mysterious man at midnight on a city rooftop, he hands over the papers he purloined from Jerry (see last week’s episode, ‘The Camera’s Eye’), and with them the key to Lydia and Colin’s freedom. “Their future, once so full of possibility, is now irretrievably in my hands,” reflects the anonymous man. Having completed his work, Stillman tries to leave but is met by two heavies who throw him off the building.

When the agents arrive on the scene the following morning, Angela quizzes the security guard at the building and learns that he left his post for an hour the night before because of an anonymous threat to his family. When he returned, all the surveillance tapes had been taken. “This was a professional job,” concludes Leo.

A search of Stillman’s office unearths surveillance equipment and a quantity of encrypted transcripts from various recorded phonecalls, including some involving mob bosses, civic leaders and even Angela herself. With so many people the subject of Stillman’s phone bugs, the list of suspects for his murder is long. Using footage from the security cameras of a building neighbouring the crime scene, Dozer is able to piece together the image of the man talking to the victim just before he was killed. Angela recognises him as Simon Laird – a exCIA agent connected with her parents’ case. But how is he involved with Stillman?

Dozer soon arrives at the answer: decoding the transcript of a conversation on Stillman’s computer, he discovers that Laird paid Stillman $250,000 to steal the papers from Jerry. “The case is about you,” says Leo to Angela, angrily. “Your worlds are colliding!” Also mentioned in the conversation is ‘Ezekiel’ –an unknown kingpin who seems to be at the very top of the conspiracy.

Now dangerously embroiled in international espionage, Angela goes to FBI boss Gene for help and he manages to set up a meeting between Angela, Jerry and their parents. It is the first time the family has been together for many years and emotions run high, but Angela is keen to get straight to business: “We don’t have much time,” she warns.

Colin explains that he and Lydia were assigned to protect Soviet double agents working for the Russian embassy in DC. After the fall of communism, the Russian secret service made a deal with the US: the names of the Russian double agents in exchange for those of their American equivalents. When they refused to reveal the identities of their charges, Colin and Lydia were framed as double agents and thrown in jail.

Simon Laird, Colin goes on to explain, was one of the US agents who worked as a spy for the KGB. On hearing of the exchange programme, he went into hiding and began to hunt and kill all the other spies involved, thus eliminating the evidence proving Colin and Lydia’s innocence. On asking about the identity of Ezekiel, however, Angela finds that her father is unwilling to help. “Don’t ever mention that name again,” says Colin. “You can get killed just knowing the existence of that person!”

At this point, Gene storms into the meeting and tells Angela that her parents are lying. “Do you believe me?” he asks, but Angela’s talent for once lets her down. Are Colin and Lydia inventing the whole plot just to save their own necks, just as Angela has always suspected? Does Gene know more about their case than he is letting on? And who is the mysterious Ezekiel?

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