Britain's Strongest Man - Monday August 27

britain’s strongest man (1/5)

Muscles and mayhem fans rejoice: beginning today and continuing every day this week is Five’s coverage of the ever-popular strongman contest. The competition sees the most powerful men from across the UK gather to compete for the title of Britain’s Strongest Man. This year, the action takes place in Minehead, on Somerset’s northern coast, and is presented by Martin Bayfield.

Among the events taking place on the seafront in this year’s contest are the anchor, chain and duck walk; the squat lift; the shield carry; and the Atlas stones. Two new events have also been introduced: the tyre flip and the car walk. Athletes to look out for include England’s Jimmy Marku; 23year-old Laurence Shahlaei; 21-stone strongman veteran Mark Felix; and the popular Kent-based giant Terry Hollands, who won the title in 2005.

Standing at 6’7” tall and weighing 28 stone, Hollands credits his success to spending every waking moment training, but explains that the worst thing about his sport is regularly breaking his bed. And his advice to would-be strongmen? “Train hard and eat big”!

In today’s programme, England, Scotland and Wales are represented as five competitors lift anchors, logs, anvils and giant granite balls to prove their superior might.

In heat two, on Tuesday, Hollands will be the favourite as another batch of strongmen attempt to heave and heft their way through to the final.

On Wednesday, the competition reaches its half-way point. Among the competitors will be York’s Mark Westaby, winner of last year’s Mighty Midlander competition. A farmer by day, Westaby is a serious contender for a podium finish.

Thursday’s show sees the contest reach a make-or-break stage as only two places in the final remain. Events include the safe lift and the Atlas stones.

In the final, on Friday, only five of the 20 men who set out to claim the title now remain. After five gruelling days of competition, who will be crowned Britain’s Strongest Man?

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  • m4m

    Mark Westaby is HOT! very sexy indeed! wow, at 42 hes a lovely man! Dont suppose he is gay? and single?

  • Anonymous

    Not Gay. Not Single i’m afraid. He took his girlfriend to Britains i think.
    He is a lovely man, and extremely strong!

  • e westaby

    mark is not gay an hes also my cousin!

  • e westaby

    your cousin?
    Whats your name?

  • Anonymous

    How do you know mark westaby

  • Matt Elder

    does anybody know how to get intouch with mark westaby.i am 22 year old guy that would like to get involved with strong man contests. i dont live to far from york and wondering if mark could offer and advice/help.

  • Anonymous

    im his daughter!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i know his daughters and i know one of them isnt called Kirsty!!! u little liar

  • Anonymous

    mate, get a grip. he is not single or gay. sort your life out!

  • Anonymous

    Terry holland is a pr!ck. He spends to much time drinking going by a certain wesbsite. met him once and he was arrogant.

  • Podge

    When and where is Britains stongest man competition in 2009?

  • Anonymous

    What the heck is goin on here…
    bit of lieing and slagging off

    Hollands is not a prick, i have met him also, he may seem arogant at first, when you get to know him, hes lovely
    and if he wants to drink, let him drink… god! they are not tied down to impress you kind of people!

    2009 comp is probably same place same time around it was this year

    His daughter is not called Kirsty…
    Mark Westaby has 2 daughters 19 & 16
    Also in a relationship with a WOMAN!!!

  • heidi

    terry hoilands just read the comments that he is a prick so what you try and do his job its not as easy as it looks these guys put every effort into what they do so eat that all you terry slag offs

  • jon

    i have alot of time for people like Mark WESTABY and Terry HOLLANDS as im a national standard powerlifter and know the time and effort that goes into the sport. i have chatted with Terry and hes given me advice and hes definately not arrogant or a prick. Speak to him like hes a person thats my advice and earn his respect.

  • Greg

    I agree – what a waste of web space. “e westaby” says mark is not gay an hes also my cousin.
    Then the next day “e westaby” (the same person) then says your cousin? whats your name? this person has a split personality – WITH HIMSELF !!!!

  • john bon jovi

    i am the worlds strongest man!

    my name is john

    i am also my own cousin!

    oh you are your own cousin…whats your name?

    i am gay and a relationship with my invisible daughter kirsty whos actually a man!

    thats good



    hello my name is walter

    no its john!

  • Anonymous

    To find out more Info and to keep up to date with Terry Hollands [Britain’s strongest man 2007] please checkout his new official website at the following web address.

  • Leanne

    when is britains strongest man coming to the north east?

  • Anonymous

    did you ever find out where 2009 britains strongest man is taking place.

    Many thanks


  • jewboy

    So when everyone has stoped slagging off the PEOPLE WHO TAKE PART!!….

    …..Brilliant. When is BSM 09?

    Any helpful comments only please.


  • Fran


    I have also been looking through the internet trying to find out when it is on.

    I have just rang Butlins Minehead and spoke to a really helpful woman who informed me that channel 5 are not televising it this year as there is NO Britains Stringest Man competition at all this year.

    Gutted as really wanted to go and watch it htis year.

  • suzanne

    hi can someone tell me where you start so you can enter strongest man in uk thanks

  • Anonymous

    I’ve started watching the latest England Strongman southern Qualifier for 2009 on LA Muscle tv. Its worth checking out,even Terry Hollands was there

  • Mark Westaby is a good friend of mine and has helped me no end in starting off in the strongman world.

    He deffinatelty is NOT gay and there is no need to come on here and slag people off, particularly such a decent bloke and someone who trains as hard as he does. Its even worse that they they feel the need to drag a mans kids into thier sick rants, massively un exceptable!!!

    Those who feel the need to do this should look at themselves first and grow up!!!

    Get a life!!!

  • hannah cc

    where is this being held to?

  • L Rich

    Oh no! *sob*
    I was SO looking forward to going along to watch this year.
    Are there any other events???

  • Anonymous

    You can always go watch a Highland Game up in the North of England or in Scotland. We saw some of the World Strong Men competitors at one on Wednesday just gone. Sebastian Wenta and his brother Lucas were lovely – they had Gregor Edmunds, Stuart Anderson and some other foreign World Strongest Men competitors there. Duggie the Ref was even there! I particularly wanted to see some of the World’s Strongest Men in competition and they could not have been more competitive! It was brilliant – I’m going back on holiday to Scotland next year to watch again! There are still some Highland Games left this year but I don’t know about Britain/World’s Strongest Men contestants being there.

  • Anonymous

    bsm was in june and it was one by terry hollands

  • Anonymous

    bsm was in june and it was one by terry hollands

  • ged

    you sound disgusted somebody can call your friend mark gay.homophobic attitudes like yours,just go to show there are still idiots out need to grow up,get a life,or come out the closet.

  • Kym

    There hasn’t been a Britain’s Strongest Man 2009 comp as they couldn’t get the funding for it this year. I did go and watch the England’s Strongest Man 2009 comp which was held at the Doncaster Dome on sunday 24th May of this year – Terry Hollands came first.

  • Danni Levy

    I’m presenting the under 105kg final of Britain’s Strongest Man tomorrow for LA Muscle TV, Sky 281 at Krunch Gym. Terry Hollands and Jimmy Marku are making special guest appearances and should be a good day!
    Hope to see you all there!

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