Coming Soon - A Very British Apocalypse

a very british apocalypse

Like most “solid British people”, as he calls them, sociologist and broadcaster Laurie Taylor is pretty sure that the sun is going to rise tomorrow and that there will be plenty of honey for tea. As the editor of New Humanist magazine, he is a firm believer in reason and the laws of the universe, and does not believe in a god.

However, he has recently found it increasingly difficult to ignore the ever-growing collection of people from all faiths who are warning sceptics that Armageddon is upon them. The apocalypse, Laurie explains, is a shorthand term for all the disasters that most religions inform us will accompany the end of the world –such as famine, war, pestilence and death.

But the godlovers are no longer alone in their fears. As concerns over climate change grow, more and more scientists are beginning to spread the word that civilisation might be heading for disaster. Whether we like it or not, it seems, we are all doomed. Laurie, therefore, has decided it is time to take off his sceptical hat and wander out into Britain to discover the truth. In this absorbing documentary, Laurie travels across the country meeting a variety of people who all believe that the end of the world is nigh. Among those he encounters are a Catholic monk, a group of people who believe in the numerical decoding of sacred texts, and a number of scientists, mathemeticians and philosophers.

What do these “end-of-worlders” have in common? Should they be taken seriously? And, most importantly of all, is what they are saying true?

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