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body hell

A recent survey revealed that women in the UK groom themselves for an average of nine hours per week, spend £3,000 a year on beauty products, and keep an average of 86 different beauty items in their bathrooms. But ask any woman why she devotes so much time to her physical appearance and she might struggle to answer. Worse still, ask any woman what she actually does to maintain her body and she may never tell you the truth –it is far too embarrassing!

In a British television first, Body Hell takes viewers inside the bathrooms of female celebrities and everyday women as they pluck, squeeze and shave their bodies to within an inch of their lives. No woman watching will be surprised by these dramatic scenes, but all viewers may be shocked to see that they are finally being shown on TV. The series also asks why 98 per cent of women hate their bodies. Viewers will be introduced to women who cannot stand their elephant ankles, despise their cottage-cheese thighs, cry over their turkey necks and spend hours plucking ‘pig hairs’ from their chins. These women are convinced that they are the victims of some terrible genetic flaw, when in fact they are perfectly normal and attractive.

Unique in its genre, Body Hell does not attempt to make women over, but rather encourages them to love and accept their bodies –freckles, stretch marks, wrinkles and all!

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