Coming Soon - Search for the Lost Treasure of Afghanistan

search for the lost treasure of afghanistan

Coming soon to Five is a unique documentary in which travel writer and documentary maker Tahir Shah journeys to the heart of Afghanistan on a personal odyssey to find the greatest lost treasure in human history. Following a series of clues passed down through his ancestors, Tahir seeks out an ancient cave complex concealed somewhere in a mountain in the Bamiyan region of Afghanistan.

It is here that he hopes to find treasure –worth an estimated $500 billion in today’s money – belonging to Ahmad Shah Durrani, first king of Afghanistan. It will not be easy: travelling through such demanding terrain is an arduous task at the best of times, but today, with Taliban positions dotted throughout the country, Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous places on earth. Tahir explains that as a travel writer, there is nothing that gets the blood rushing through his veins more than the prospect of a quest.

In the past, he has studied magic with the ‘godmen’ of India; scoured Ethiopia for King Solomon’s mines; and sought the lost city of the Incas in the cloud forests of Peru. The search for the hoard of Ahmad Shah Durrani, however, has a special resonance for Tahir. The story of the treasure has been a thread running through his family for a century and a half, with Tahir himself rememberinghaunting tales of thousands of sacks of gold beinghidden deep within the caves of his ancestral homeland.

Now, Tahir has the chance to add his own chapter to the remarkable legend.

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