Coming Soon - Suburban Shootout

suburban shootout

Coming soon to Five is the second series of the award-winning, home-grown comedy-drama starring Anna Chancellor (‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’), Felicity Montagu (‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’, ‘I’m Alan Partridge’) and Ralph Ineson (‘The Office’).

Picking up where the first left off, the second series features a heady mix of ladies-only fight clubs, Belarusian male escorts, intimidation, blackmail and shootouts. The British town of Little Stempington seems an idyllic suburban location but, underneath the apparent torpor of daily life lies a secret, highly sexed, ultra-violent world. Two competing gangs of vigilante housewives continue their underground activites.

The first is led by Camilla Diamond (Anna Chancellor) and is driven by greed; the second is steered by Barbara Du Prez (Felicity Montagu) and works for the benefit of the community. Barbara, in jail after being framed by Camilla, has handed the reins of leadership to Joyce Hazeldine, (Amelia Bullmore, ‘I’m Alan Partridge’). However, Joyce’s grip on the town is loosening and Camilla starts up a lucrative, ladies-only fighting arena where local women solve disputes.

At the same time, clueless police chief Jeremy Hazledine (Ralph Ineson) entertains officers from around the world who are in Little Stempington to discover why the crime rate is so low. However, a bent cop from Miami finds out the real reason for the lack of crime and introduces Camilla to the idea of building a super casino on the Wetlands. Will Barbara be able to restore order to the once sleepy town? Or will Camilla’s ambitious plans for a super casino change the face of the village forever?

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