Episode 2100

Jacqui finds out she’s lost the baby. Justin starts working at MOBS. Jess gets a job offer from Adam. Hannah and Melissa blackmail Gilly.

Songs in this episode: Thnks fr th Mmrs – Fall Out Boy, Teardrop – Massive Attack

Air date: Friday 10 August 2007 on Channel 4

Tony and Jacqui

Tony comes back from a run to find Dominic there with some croissants. He asks why Jacqui is back at her mum’s and says Tina is worried about her because she won’t talk to anyone. Tony admits they had words, her joke of a marriage and their farce of a relationship. The whole thing is starting to do Tony’s head in, he loves her but wants to salvage what’s left of his dignity and self-respect. Dominic wonders if that means he’s breaking up with her.

Dominic then goes and sees Jacqui, who says he practically threw her out. She thinks he still hasn’t gotten over Mandy, because she’s so perfect. She tells him about the 12 week scan she’s going to shortly and feels Tony keeps letting her down by not coming along.

Dominic hassles Tony about going to the 12 week scan. He didn’t forget, but doesn’t want to go after seeing everyone pat Alek on the back. Dominic asks him about Mandy. Tony assures him he’s over Mandy and he does love Jacqui but things are so hard. He admits he’s scared. Dominic tells him that Jacqui needs him.

Tony turns up just in time for Jacqui’s scan. They apologise to each other.

There’s bad news at the scan: they can’t find a heartbeat. Jacqui has had a missed miscarriage.

Justin gets a job at MOBS

Justin goes and asks OB for a job at MOBS, but doesn’t want to give him anything. He bumps into Claire who says in a couple of weeks Warren will be out of their lives forever and offers him his old job back at the club back. He doesn’t think it’s such a good idea. She snarkily remarks that she’s sure there’s lots of jobs for stroppy teenagers with no qualifications.

Justin then asks Tony if he needs any more staff. Tony says now isn’t a good time.

Justin asks OB again for a job – he can’t promise much, just mucking in.

OB and Clare

Claire teases Justin about his new job but OB stands up for him and tells her to leave before he says something he regrets.

As he’s leaving, Justin finds Clare’s purse on the ground. OB offers to take it back to her.

OB follows her into her place and tells her he has her purse. He wants a pint of beer first as a reward. OB says she must think about dying because she carries a donor card, especially after her recent close call. He asks if the person who tried to kill her might try it again. Clare says he’s behind bars and will be for a long time. He warns her to watch who he upsets then tells her to be careful about leaving her door open.

Hannah and Melissa

Hannah tells Melissa that she hasn’t had her period in ages and she hasn’t slept with anybody. Melissa thinks it’s just because she hasn’t eaten much and her body’s changing. She admits she hasn’t had one in ages and thinks they’re totally gross anyways. Melissa complains about Hannah sniffing all the time so they go into the shop to get some tissues and water. Gilly tries to give Hannah some food but she’s not interested. He asks if she’s ok, she says it’s just a cold. He says he’s just worried about her and she’s becoming all skin and bones and doesn’t look well.

Hannah tells Melissa she’s got stomach pains and is starving. Melissa just tells her to drink water. Hannah apologises for being such a wimp and wonders if it’s all worthwhile since everyone is hassling her. Hannah wants to stay with her. Melissa says she just has to ignore people and deal with it. She bursts into tears and Melissa hugs her – Gilly sees them from a distance.

Back home, Gilly asks to talk to Hannah alone. He asked what happened to the little girl she used to know and thinks the showbiz talk is making her crazy. He says he’s her mate and doesn’t want her to go down the drug route, he’s seen what it can do to people. Hannah tells him to get off her case.

Melissa tells Gilly that Hannah is ok and there’s no need to worry. He doesn’t like all their secrets. Melissa thinks Gilly is jealous of their friendship and says Hannah isn’t interested in him at all. Gilly calls her a sick cow, he’s known her since she was a little kid.

Hannah tells Gilly there’s no need to tell her mum anything. Gilly says he’s only looking out for her. Hannah says if he tells on her, she’ll tell people that he touched her up!

Jess and Gilly

Jess is too embarrassed to go into the shop to be served by Gilly so makes Zak go in – but it’s too late, Gilly is outside anyways. Awkward moment! Inside, Gilly jokes that he could have decked him over getting him to call Jess’ line. He’s worried Jess thinks he’s a right desperado. Zak just thinks it’s funny.

Adam and Jess

Adam turns up to see Jess when she has a face mask on! He gives her an envelope with 120 pounds in it, and an envelope with 5 pounds in it to Zak. Adam says Zak doesn’t have what he’s looking for, but Jess has the gift of the gab and really has something. He gives her his card, he’s working on something new and thinks she could make some serious money. He asks her to call him about it.

She wonders about the offer since she’s up to her eyes in debt. Zak just thinks he’s a sleaze bag.

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