Joey - Sunday August 26

joey and the critic (19/22);
joey and the actor’s studio (20/22)

Continuing on Five tonight is the second series of the US spin-off sitcom starring everybody’s favourite ‘Friend’, Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc). With double helpings on Sunday evenings, the series charts Joey’s new life in LA, where he lives with his feisty sister, Gina (Drea de Matteo, ‘The Sopranos’), and her intelligent but shy son, Michael (Paulo Constanzo, ‘Road Trip’).

In tonight’s first episode, Joey is upset to learn that someone has set up a website devoted to criticising his work. Meanwhile, Jimmy gets carried away when he accepts the job of running Joey’s new production company.

Joey is staggered to learn that somebody has set up, a website dedicated to tearing apart his films. He tracks down the critic responsible for the site, only to discover it is an 11year-old girl called Kaley. Joey befriends the girl and eventually learns the reason for her animosity: she hates Joey because the boy she likes at school – Brad – worships him. Kaley wants to be more than Brad’s friend, but cannot get him to pay her any attention. A sympathetic Joey realises he feels the same way about Alex: “What would you say if I told you I have the same exact problem you do?” he asks. Together, Joey and Kaley find a way to help each other with their respective problems.

Also in this episode, Joey’s action movie opens to critical acclaim and the once down-on-his-luck actor finds himself in demand. The film studio signs Joey to a three-picture deal and offers him his own production company – all he needs is someone to run it for him. When Gina complains about her boyfriend, Jimmy, being stuck in a dead-end job at the shopping mall, Joey hits upon the perfect solution: “I should hire him!” he says. “He should be my development exec –he’s the smartest guy I know!”

The brilliant but unstable Jimmy goes to work for Joey, and soon throws himself into the job – organising meetings and dreaming up schemes for the future. But as Jimmy’s plans spiral out of control, Joey is alarmed: “He is totally obsessed with this job!” he tells Gina. Has Joey put his friendship with Jimmy at risk by hiring him? In the second episode, Joey is thrilled to be invited onto the venerable film programme ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’, while Jimmy decides to propose to Gina –but can he afford a ring?

Joey cannot believe that he is going to be interviewed on ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’, and excitedly starts to prepare, musing on whether he should show tapes of his unsuccessful auditions for ‘King Kong’ and ‘Capote’ to teach the film students what notto do. Alex also has a big day coming up –she is soon to present a closing argument in court and is really nervous. Joey genially informs her that a night with him has been proven to cure stage fright, but the joke proves too close for comfort for Alex, who is still struggling to know how to feel about Joey.

Joey manages to persuade Alex to give him a chance, and brings her to the filming of ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’. Host James Lipton (playing himself) is impressed with his guest –“there’s magic in you, Joey” –but when the Q and A session ends in numerous girls asking Joey why he has treated them so badly, Alex has second thoughts. Has Joey blown it with the woman he really cares about?

Also in this episode, Jimmy wants to propose to Gina but does not have the cash for a ring – until Michael suggest taking part in a clinical trial. Jimmy is happy with the $2,000 fee –“for two grand you can drill a hole in my skull and touch my brain with your finger” –but is not prepared for some unfortunate side-effects…

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