My Body Hell

My Body Hell is a contemporary factual entertainment programme, a series which gets to the heart of women’s body issues including the most secret and embarrassing regimes women follow to get rid of unwanted hair, get better breasts, bottoms and tums.

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  • Linda

    I was watching with interest an item on My Body Hell where a woman who had very thinning hair had a kind of extentions done whereby a webbing of hair was put on her scalp and her own hair threaded through. I didn’t have time to make a note of the name of the procedure n either the name of the salon. I wonder if you could help.


  • Anonymous

    I want to know the presenters name of this programme

  • Stephanie

    I was upset by wednesday 3 october’s episode of My Body Hell.
    Although it addressed the issue of body hair for women, I was disgusted at the fact that most of the women were in my opinion, perfectly normal, no extreme amounts of body hair. (The only person that I would credit for being in some distress was the woman who had a bad case with in-growing hairs)
    I am 17 years old and I have been diagnosed with PCOS (Poli-cystic Ovaries Syndrome) this causes me to have abnormal amounts of body hair for a woman. It grows in a male hair patterns i.e. back, buttocks, stomach etc. and is thick and dark. I have been diagnosed abnormally early as most women with PCOS do not start to get this problem until they are much older. I am lucky in that I have no male hair on my face, but I have been told by doctors that it may come as iI get older.
    This episode of My Body Hell did not address women like myself who have severe hair problems, the programme was incredibly superficial.
    I’m sure women with PCOS will agree with me when I say that if you want to complain about having to shave under your arms and legs every week then you should try having to go out in public with male hair every day of your life.
    I have not been on holiday in years in fear of having to take my clothes off on the beach, I had to stop doing sport at school or any where else which has caused me to become rather unhealthy. I have been bullied and called every name under the sun.
    Women should be able to look at themselves and be happy with themselves, I can’t do that. I just cannot understand how women with completely normal amounts of hair can be so worried about it.

  • abiodun

    i was watching the episode where charley went to have a hair extentions put in and i was wondering what the name of the salon she went to is. her extention were so nice, although i do not have as much length as she has. if my hair was that long i would never put extentions in. could you tell me the name of the salon and where it is situated?


  • Anonymous

    hi guys, i ws watching my body hell when the singer ‘michelle’ had to go out without any makeup. in this episode there was something about the lady who looked like naiomi cample where she used that cream to even out her coplexion. i have dark scars left by excema around the corners of my lips and was wondering if that kind of thing was the answer to my problem. does anyone have any other suggests or comments on this idea???

  • Anonymous

    Watching the programme tonight made me want to cry, I have suffered with thinning hair since I was about 18 years old, I am now 50.

    I feel my life has been ruined because of it. I am too embarressed to form a new relationship as I cant pluck up the courage to let a man see me with my hair down. I wear it in a bun and use Mane to cover the scalp.

    Please, Please let us have more programmes covering this subject – I feel disfigured and deformed. For a woman to lose her hair is one of the most difficult things to cope with as we are seen as figures of ridicule.

    I would like to know also where i can have those extensions done, I have been ripped of by so many people claiming they could improve the look of my hair and each time I have wanted to run away and hid as they have been so unnatural looking.

    I would love to hear if any other woman share a problem such as mine and how you deal with it on a day to day basis

    I will answer everyone who contacts me – it would be good to share our concerns and solutions.

    Thank you

  • Anonymous


    I was looking on the internet and noticed that you had posted a comment about the Hair Extensions on ‘My Body Hell’

    Did you ever find out the name of that place which was mentioned.

    I suffer from thinning hair too and would love to know what it feels like to have thicker hair.

    It would be nice to hear how you cope from day to day with your thinning hair. I spend a lot of time on mine so not many people know the estent to my hair loss.

    It would be good to hear from fellow suffers and perhaps together we can find the solution.



  • Anonymous


    I am trying to find out about the exact same procedure.
    If I ever find out will let you know!!!

  • i saw the programme my body hell yesterday. What particularly interested me was the section on hairloss. I have been losing my hair for the past ten years, since age 21.This had effected in all aspects of my life. i was wondering what the name of the salon she went to is to have the hair extensions and also what type od hair extensions she had?. Please please could you tell me the name of the salon and where it is situated?

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