Suburban Shootout - Thursday September 13

suburban shootout (2/3)

Continuing on Five this evening is the second series of the award-winning, home-grown comedy about two gangs of vigilante housewives who run the seemingly idyllic town of Little Stempington. In tonight’s episode, Camilla and her posse carry out cunning stings in the fields of politics and law enforcement; the town’s first fight club opens for business; Joyce begins to lose control of her mob; and Barbara is offered her freedom… at a price.

After suffering an explosive attack to her property at the hands of Barbara’s henchwomen, Camilla is in a defiant mood. “It’s time I showed Little Stempington who’s in control!” she screams, smashing her teacup against the wall. It is not long before she puts her plan into action: in order to gain the planning permission she needs to build her super casino on the town’s wetlands, Camilla intends to get the local MEP onside.

In the days running up to the election, Camilla employs the dubious services of cohort Hilary Davenport who attempts to lure parliament hopeful Toby into a sexual encounter. However, the married Toby is committed to the preservation of nature. Camilla, however, does not give up so easily: “If we don’t nail this fungus-loving ecoclown, there’ll be no planning permission,” she barks. “Failure is not an option.”

Hilary redoubles her efforts and is soon sharing a spliff with Toby. After a prolonged smoke, Hilary finds her mark more pliable and convinces him to get into a rather compromising position –all of which is caught on camera by Camilla. Should Toby win the forthcoming election, Camilla and her gang will have an MEP in their pockets…

Toby is not the only person to suffer at the hands of Camilla’s duplicity this week. Having called Jeremy out in the middle of the night with reports of a suspected burglary, Camilla drugs the naïve police chief and drags him into her jacuzzi. When Joyce receives a mysterious DVD in the post the following morning, she is shocked to see footage of her husband intimately involved with her adversary. Is Joyce losing control of the gang while Barbara is in prison?

Elsewhere, Lillian dreams up a new moneymaking scheme for Camilla’s crew when she witnesses a scrap between two women in a car park. She pitches her idea to her boss as “Little Stempington’s first fem-on-fem, no-holds-barred bloodfest,” and the town’s first all-female fight club is born. As it opens its gates for the first time, the organisers show they mean business: “Anyone smashed into a vegetative state will be dumped near an accident blackspot,” warns Camilla.

In order to aim publicity for the venture at the right women, the gang must first steal their rival group’s book of disputes –a comprehensive guide to “who hates who” in the town. A raid at gunpoint later, and Camilla and her girls have the precious tome in their possession, striking yet another blow against Joyce’s withering authority.

Meanwhile, in prison, Barbara is in a positive mood as she prepares to face the parole board. Before she goes in front of the panel, she cements a bond with her thuggish, arson-prone cellmate, Donna, and invites her to stay in Little Stempington when she is released. However, her good mood is short-lived as she discovers that the officer in charge of her parole report is a close friend of Camilla’s. He offers Barbara two options: either stay indefinitely in the high-security wing of a psychiatric hospital; or be released back into the community, but surrender to a curfew to be controlled by Camilla. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, what choice will the erstwhile gang leader make?

As Joyce’s control of the town gradually slips away, she decides to take some drastic action and heads to Camilla’s fight club dressed in combat gear. After delivering some harsh words to her opposing number, the big showdown begins. Could Joyce finally be showing the nerve she needs to regain authority, or has she handed the fate of the town to Camilla?

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