The Shield - Friday August 17

the shield
the math of the wrath (8/10)

The hard-hitting police drama continues its sixth season. In tonight’s instalment, Shane exposes a power struggle inside the Armenian mob, while the Strike Team works to protect Hernan from danger. Meanwhile Dutch and Billings investigate a designer-handbag counterfeiting operation after a Beverly Hills socialite is stabbed while trying to get herself some fake goods, and Ronnie confronts Shane over his part in Lem’s death.

Shane may be feeling in control of the situation with Vic, but he is soon out of his depth as he attempts to get in with the Armenian mob. After his efforts to help them unexpectedly end with the murder of an Arab petrol station owner, Shane worries that he will be implicated in the homicide. He tracks down the mob’s elder statesman, but finds his daughter, Diro (guest star Franka Potente, ‘Run Lola Run’, ‘The Bourne Identity’), working on his behalf.

When Diro tells Shane that her father is away, Shane asks her to pass on a message: “You tell your old man to take care of my problem – or I will create a world of problems for him.” But when he finds out that the boss is actually gravely ill in hospital, Shane agrees to help Diro keep her father’s empire out of the hands of his enemies.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Strike Team is concerned about the disappearance of undercover agent Hernan, who has been working inside the Salvadoran gang. When a Salvadoran gangster’s mutilated body is found dumped in an alley, Hernan’s girlfriend tells Vic that he was forced to dispose of the corpse –apparently that of a snitch –and now has to prove his loyalty by taking part in a gun-store robbery.

Vic comes up with a plan to intercept the heist after the event, thus keeping the guns off the streets while maintaining Hernan’s cover, but Claudette has reservations about it. Despite concerns about undermining the captain, Hiatt decides to go along with Vic’s plan. The operation is a success, but Claudette is not impressed by Vic’s influence on Hiatt. “You wanna follow Vic out the door?” she hisses. “Keep it up.”

Elsewhere, Dutch and Billings are called to the scene when a Beverly Hills socialite is stabbed in an undesirable neighbourhood. It turns out that the woman had been visiting a store which secretly specialises in ‘quality replicas’ of designer handbags –news which piques the interest of bag-fans Danny, Tina and Corrine…

Also this week, Hiatt tells Vic the truth about Claudette’s plans for him at the Barn. Aceveda puts even more pressure on Claudette to solve the San Marcos massacre when he discovers how useful it will be to his political future. Shane agrees to help Diro keep her father’s empire out of enemy hands. And Ronnie’s world is rocked when he confronts Shane about Lem’s death, only to learn that Vic shot former Strike Team member Terry Crowley (see pilot episode). Will Ronnie’s anger over Lem’s murder colour the way he now thinks about Vic?

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