The Shield - Friday August 24

the shield
recoil (9/10)

The sixth series of the hard-hitting police drama reaches its penultimate episode. With his future at the Barn at stake, Vic looks for leverage that he can use to save his job. Shane has problems of his own as he attempts to partner up with the Armenian mob. And Billings gets his revenge on Dutch by engineering a romantic encounter between Tina and Hiatt.

Using a tip provided by Aceveda and his wealthy benefactor, local developer Cruz Pezuela, Vic and Hiatt bring in Salvadoran Javier Rincon for questioning about the San Marcos massacre. Hiatt irritates Vic when his interrogation comes up short, but Vic manages to obtain Rincon’s cooperation in return for protection from the Mexican Byz Lats gang.

At the same time, Shane is continuing to get himself embroiled in the affairs of the Armenian mob. He has convinced the overlord’s daughter, Diro (guest star Franka Potente, ‘The Bourne Identity’, ‘Run Lola Run’), to work with him in order to protect her father’s business and fight his rival, Rezian. When he asks Claudette and Hiatt for permission to pursue the Armenians, both agree – but Vic is convinced that Shane is up to something and tells Ronnie to keep an eye on their former friend. “He wouldn’t mess with the Armenians,” says Ronnie. “Not with our history.” But Ronnie is wrong – and when Vic finds out what Shane is up to, he convinces Diro that her new friend is seriously bad news…

While Rincon’s tip leaves a frustrated Hiatt without any suspects, Vic uses his initiative to help end the gang war by telling the Byz Lats that Rincon is innocent and giving them a pair of Salvadorans that he and Ronnie have been keeping ‘on ice’. Byz Lats leader Santi Galas realises that Vic lied about Rincon, and vows to get his revenge once the informant is back on the streets –much to Rincon’s horror…

With the San Marcos massacre finally solved, Vic is convinced that his future at the Barn is now secure – despite his failed efforts to get the city controller to work something out for him. He knows that there is something rotten behind the events at San Marcos, and that Aceveda and Pezuela are somehow involved. “I can get to the truth of this thing,” he promises Claudette. “Maybe,” replies the captain, still adamant that Vic will be kicked out of the Barn before the week is through. “But we’ll never know. Because it’s somebody else’s job now.”

Meanwhile, Dutch and Billings are busy investigating the murder of a man who had rejected a lover he met on the internet, but they find it impossible to keep their hatred of one another out of the interrogation room. Eventually, Billings hits on a crafty plan to get Hiatt together with Tina, who Dutch has been lusting after for weeks, and sets it up so that Dutch will find the pair together. Will Dutch fall into his scheming partner’s trap?

Elsewhere this week, Vic attempts to head off his forced retirement by finding a way to connect Pezuela to San Marcos – but is offered a helping hand by Pezuela himself, who has some information about Aceveda that the councilman might do anything to keep secret…

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