The Shield - SEASON FINALE - Friday August 31

the shield
spanish practices (10/10)

The sixth series of the hard-hitting police drama reaches its dramatic finale tonight with a special extended episode. As Shane attempts to head off the Armenian mob’s deadly plan to avenge the money train heist, Vic looks to save his job by enlisting Aceveda’s help to expose Cruz Pezuela’s plans for Farmington.

With just days to go until he is kicked out of the Barn, a desperate Vic has been handed a lifeline by Aceveda’s crony and big-time developer Cruz Pezuela: a photograph of Aceveda’s sexual assault. Shocked at being confronted with something he thought had been buried for good, Aceveda brushes the picture aside by lying that it is a fake and sneering: “If you’re going to blackmail someone, do it right.” Aceveda’s lawyer threatens Vic with “seven years of legal hell”, but Vic is undeterred when he realises that Pezuela’s motivation for giving him the incriminating photograph has much more to it than he thought. “Cruz is into some dark s***”, he informs Aceveda. “And I’m gonna need my badge and more than three days to prove it.”

Realising that Vic is on to something, Aceveda reluctantly agrees to join forces with him against Pezuela. He begins by ordering Claudette to let Mexican bureaucrat and San Marcos survivor Eduardo Romero have his confiscated $230,000 back so that the detectives can find out where the money ends up. Later, Vic watches Romero deliver the cash to an office occupied by shady ex-military officer Luis Aramboles, who has a stockpile of guns hidden in a side room. Where does Pezuela fit in to this?

Meanwhile, Shane has managed to get himself in well over his head with the Armenian mob. Having told Diro that Vic and Ronnie were the ones responsible for ripping off the Armenian money train, he now has to deal with the fact that Diro wants revenge for the loss of revenue that her family’s operation suffered. “You need to accept the fate of your associates,” she tells Shane, matter-of-factly. “They get punished for their betrayal; you get punished for yours.”

In desperation, Shane visits Rezian, Diro’s rival, and asks him who Diro will send to carry out Vic and Ronnie’s executions. Rezian has bad news: “Betrayal like this, your friends won’t be first. First she’ll kill their children. The wives. And when the pain of that suffering begins to fade, she’ll kill the men involved.” Can Shane get to Corrine and the kids before Diro’s men do?

Oblivious to the danger his family are facing, Vic continues to try and get to the bottom of what Pezuela is doing. But when Danny tells him that there have been reports of shots fired at Corrine’s house, he drops everything to get there. His family is nowhere to be found, but there is a large pool of blood on the floor – and an Armenian cigarette butt. Vic immediately puts two and two together and realises that Shane’s dabbling with the Armenian mob has spilled over into his family life. “Watch him,” he tells Ronnie. “Find out what he’s doing and who he’s doing it with – then we’re gonna crush him.”

Elsewhere in tonight’s finale, Dutch is upset after the body of homeless ‘Miracle’ Joe, a popular local character, is found dumped in front of a convenience store, and finds comfort in an unlikely person. Claudette decides that Hiatt may not be the man to take over from Vic after the new guy makes a dangerous error of judgement in a gang case. Rezian offers Shane a deal which puts him between a rock and a hard place. And Vic’s investigation into Pezuela finally unearths a conspiracy that snakes all the way down to Mexico –but will he be kicked out before he can do anything about it? “Help me,” he begs Aceveda. “So I can stay and finish this…”

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