Hi all you blogers out there! you know life is hard. Aspeisaly when you are about to go into a new school! uhhhh. I am so dreding it. how fast hs this summer gone i mean we are suposed to enjoy are time on holidays but really its gone to fast!

Now to more presing matters. I am new at this but i know how to speek my mind. Like what is happining to the world. I know that everyone of you are probubly saying everyone is draging this globle warming crap on to long and i agree. Im not saying that ther is not a hole in are ozone lare im sayins that it is mostly caused by all these space crafts being sent to space in america. Im saying that it is mostly caused by the jumbo jets and the privet aroplanes celebritys are using. I mean think about it that concert LIVE EARTH. It did raise awareness and all but think about how much energy all those difrent stages used i know one had at least over 500,000 bulbs on it. Even if they used enery saving bulbs that is still alot of energy. And any way i know we are littering and all but the celebritys and all the famous people cant say they never through a chewing gum rapper on the ground eather. None of us can blame the other because we all have done it. Now im not an expert but if we all pitcht in (and if any one has a my space address) and give out lodes about all of what i have just said then mabey just mabey we can realy make a difreance!

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