Vanished - Sunday August 12

the proffer (11/13)

Continuing this week is the intriguing US drama series revolving around the disappearance of Sara Collins, the wife of Georgia senator Jeffrey Collins. In tonight’s episode, Lucas, Mei and Tyner prepare for Sara’s return after the demands are met; and a tip-off regarding Kelton alters the course of the investigation.

Senator Collins has high hopes that he will be seeing his wife again soon: he has done as the kidnappers requested and confirmed the controversial Judge Rainer, despite his reservations, and paid the ransom. Agents Lucas and Mei are also confident that the case is about to be closed, so are surprised when a man calls Lucas and says that he has information about Sara. “The kidnappers’ demands were met; this is over,” Lucas tells the mysterious caller, who also tells him that he is the man who had been sending Agent Kelton the ‘Nathan cards’. “Why contact me now?” The answer is not good: “Because they have no intention of giving her back.”

While Lucas and Mei head off to meet the informant, Sara is enduring more mind-games from her captors. She awakens to find a television placed in her room, and is shocked when its screen flickers into life and shows her step-son Max talking about her. He seems to be at a therapy session, in which he describes Sara as an outsider who only married the Senator for his money. Distressed, Sara tries to turn it off – but there is no power switch…

Meanwhile, Mei and Lucas are getting closer to finding Sara. The mysterious informant tells Lucas that he will give him Sara’s location if he can have the strange cipher wheel, and reveals that Sara is being held in an underground bunker at a wilderness preserve. The FBI narrow down the search area, pinpoint a possible location and head off there heavily armed. When they burst into the bunker, a ferocious gun-battle ensues and Sara escapes unnoticed out of a hatch. As the smoke clears, Lucas and Mei are disheartened to find that Sara has gone and believe that she has been moved by the kidnappers. In reality, she is making her getaway…

As her stepmother runs for her life, Marcy is having her own crisis. Pregnant with Rainer’s child, she decides to make good on her threat to make the pregancy public and calls Judy Nash with the promise of an exclusive interview. However, Marcy never makes it – she wakes up to find herself miscarrying and is taken to hospital. The doctor gently explains that the miscarriage was a natural occurrence, but Marcy is convinced that it was no accident. Did Rainer find a way to ensure that she kept quiet about their affair?

Also this week, the Senator realises that Rainer’s appointment will enable him to overturn a ruling and clear the way for the release of death row prisoner Aaron Hensleigh, and is forced to sabotage his own career to prevent this from happening. Marcy confesses all to Ben. The woman being held in the cell next to Sara’s (Tina Holmes, ‘Six Feet Under’) suffers retribution when she tries to help Sara. And Sara gives the police at a roadblock a surprise when she staggers out of a pick-up truck and announces: “I think you’ve been looking for me!”

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