Vanished - Sunday August 18

the velocity of sara (12/13)

Reaching its penultimate episode tonight is the intriguing US drama series revolving around the disappearance of Sara Collins, the wife of Georgia senator Jeffrey Collins. In this week’s episode, Sara is on the run but finds her escape hindered by a tracking device. Meanwhile, Max divulges vital information about his time in rehab, which leads the FBI towards a shocking discovery.

Sara has managed to escape from her underground prison, but her ordeal is not over yet. After breathlessly announcing her identity to a stunned sheriff at a police road block, she is ushered into a police car and taken to the station to await the arrival of the FBI. “You’re safe now,” Agent Lucas reassures Sara on the phone, amazed that closing the case is in sight. “I’m coming to get you.”

Sara’s captors, unfortunately, have other ideas. When a man calling himself ‘Agent Lucas’ arrives with his men, he wastes no time dispatching the sheriff and every other cop in the building before heading to the back room to retrieve Sara. Having witnessed the carnage, Sara flees – unaware that her progress is being monitored by a hidden tracking device.

Agents Lucas and Mei cannot believe that a triumphant conclusion to the investigation has been snatched from their grasp. As they wearily begin the process of tracking down a helicopter seen leaving the scene, Mei tells Lucas about the tape that was found in Sara’s cell, showing Max talking about how much he dislikes his stepmother. The content of the tape is a surprise to both agents, as Max has had nothing but praise for his missing stepmother. “That sound like a loving stepson to you?” asks Mei.

When the agents ask Max about the tape, he tells them that he was only angry with Sara because she told him to get help for his drinking problem, and that the video shows a therapy session from his time at the Encompass Wellness Center – an organisation that owns the helicopter for which the FBI are searching. It also transpires that Max’s therapist was none other than Ben’s mysterious friend Quinn, who was arrested a week ago in connection with Sara’s case. “I told her everything,” he confesses, tearfully. Did Quinn use her inside knowledge of the Collins family to get to Sara?

Meanwhile, a desperate Sara has reached a roadside diner where she begs to use the phone. Spotting her relentless pursuers outside, she finally realises that they have implanted a tiny tracking device in her arm and decides to dig it out with a piece of glass. Escaping out of the bathroom window, Sara heads for the road and hitches a ride… but how far will she get before she is tracked down again?

Also this week, Peter Manning gets the results of his DNA test and is amazed to discover that Becca Jerome is his daughter; Lucas uses his initiative and Judy Nash’s ambition to get Quinn to talk about Encompass; and the horror of Sara’s past is revealed when the agents discover that she was a patient there over a decade ago. “If this was planned at least 11 years ago,” realises Mei with horror, “how big isthis?”

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