Vanished - Sunday August 26

warm springs (13/13)

Reaching the explosive season finale tonight is the intriguing US drama series revolving around the disappearance of Sara Collins, the wife of Georgia senator Jeffrey Collins. As Lucas interrogates one of the Collins family, and Sara’s phone call reveals her latest location, an unexpected development lays bare the truth about Sara and her kidnappers.

Since Sara disappeared from the underground bunker in which she was being held, the FBI agents have been wondering if the kidnappers moved her somewhere else. But when phone records from the Collins house are analysed, they realise that Sara actually called home – but hung up when Jessica answered.

The agents trace the call to a payphone and realise that she is heading north. “If Sara ison the run,” says Lucas, “the guys who took her are going to want her back. They have the resources and they have the will – so let’s find her first!” Senator Jeffrey Collins is furious when Lucas tells him that Jessica spoke to Sara but failed to inform him of the news, suspecting that his ex-wife deliberately hung up on Sara. Lucas also questions the Senator about his father, Eugene, who was present at the Encompass centre while Sara was being ‘treated’ there. If he was involved all those years ago, could Sara’s father-in-law have had something to do with her disappearance?

Meanwhile, Sara has abandoned the car she stole from her would-be attacker last week and is continuing on foot. Exhausted, she falls asleep on the ground in the quiet town of Warm Springs, where she is later woken by a curious young girl. Noticing Sara’s bleeding arm, the child begs Sara to come home with her and get some medical attention from her nurse mother. “Whatever’s wrong, my mama won’t tell,” she promises. “She’s good at keeping secrets.” Sara reluctantly accompanies the girl home, where the mother fixes her up and adds her own assurances: “Ain’t nobody going to find you here unless you want them to.” But after everything Sara has been through so far, can she really trust anyone?

While Sara hides out in Warm Springs, the FBI agents are getting closer to locating her after finding the man whose car she stole. He claims that Sara carjacked him, but Lucas knows that he is lying when he realises that Sara took the car to escape a clumsy assault attempt. As they track her movements after she abandoned the car, the agents get another lead – the woman who was sheltering Sara has called the hotline in the hope of landing a reward. Sara is on the move again, but it will not be long before the bad guys begin closing in on her… thanks to a tip-off from somebody inside the FBI. With their investigation being compromised like this, do Lucas and Mei stand a chance of ever finding Sara?

Elsewhere, Marcy is frantic at the realisation that her boyfriend, Ben, may be about to take the law into his own hands after discovering the truth about Judge Rainer; Peter Manning learns that Sara’s ‘little sister’ is actually his and Sara’s daughter and tries to go public with the news; and Sara makes a very surprising decision about her future…

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