Body Hell - Wednesday September 19

body hell
breasts (1/5)
wednesday, 20.00–21.00

This groundbreaking new documentary series provides a revealing insight into the complex world of women’s beauty, using candid testimony from real women across the country.

In a British television first, Body Hell takes viewers inside the bathrooms of female celebrities and everyday women as they pluck, squeeze and shave their bodies to within an inch of their lives. The series also asks why 98 per cent of women hate their bodies when they are perfectly normal and attractive. Unique in its genre, Body Hell does not attempt to make women over, but rather encourages them to love and accept their bodies –freckles, stretch marks, wrinkles and all!

The focus of Wednesday’s opening edition is breasts, and there are plenty of women eager to get some real issues off their chests. Kate Lawler, former ‘Big Brother’ winner and presenter of ‘RI:SE’, finds out what it is like to have larger breasts; viewers get a insight into the life of the woman with Britain’s biggest breasts; and one brave soul takes us into the taboo world of chest and nipple hair, explaining why she is prepared to reveal all.

Glamour model Jordan is reputed to boast a 34FF chest, but even hers is dwarfed by the breasts belonging to 42-year-old professional singer Jenessa. Bra-makers to the Queen, Rigby and Peller, have measured Jenessa at an incredible 36L, but she still squeezes herself into a 36-38JJ bra! She has to wear custom-made bras at £50 a pop, gym and aerobics sessions are fraught with danger and she worries about embarrassing her son when she goes swimming.

TV presenter and ‘Big Brother’ winner Kate Lawler has the opposite problem to Jenessa. Her twin, Karen, has a DD cup, but Kate’s chest is much smaller. In tonight’s programme she talks about the advantages and disadvantages of her size, has her breasts digitally enlarged, experiments with ‘chicken fillets’ in her bra and goes corset-shopping with Karen. Kate has been considering a breast augmentation for the past five years –will her experiences on the show help her to finally make a decision?

Size is not the only issue that women have about their breasts. Polly is a 45-year-old mother who breast-fed each of her five children for eight months apiece –and her 38GG breasts have paid the price. Polly’s breasts have got droopier with each child, so she hides her body under men’s jumpers and t-shirts and has been on a waiting list for five months to get a reduction operation. In the meantime, she has to contend with problems like backache and unpleasant skin conditions –her saggy bosom really does give her body hell.

Having a baby is not the only thing that can make women unhappy with their breasts. The still-taboo subject of female chest hair is something that make-up artist Nicola has had to learn to live with, but many women are too ashamed to admit they suffer from the condition. Nicola’s problem is so bad that it has ruined past relationships –and she has even worn a bra in bed to disguise it from her boyfriend. Tonight she talks about how she deals with the situation –and reveals all.

Elsewhere in the programme, we meet glamour model Lucy Pinder, whose breasts have made her famous. With contracts to the Daily Star and Nuts magazine, Lucy has made a name for herself using her body –but her mother is quick to point out that there is more to her daughter: “She’s got a brain as well as a pair of boobs!” The programme follows Lucy on a shoot for Nuts and hears what life is like when you have some of the most famous breasts in the nation.

Also on Wednesday, model Jo talks about how her attitude towards her breasts changed dramatically after she had her baby, and Gemma explains what life is like when you have to spend up to £800 a year on hiding an embarrassing nipple problem.

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  • Emma

    I was watching Body Hell Wednesday 19th September. It mentioned a condition about being bodily and facially insecure. To cure the condition it mentioned you needed therapy . i suffer from his condition or so i believe and i really need to some advice and help.

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