Brian wins Big Brother

Brian Belo has won Big Brother 2007 and the £100,000 prize after beating out the twins, Amanda and Sam Marchant, with 60.3% of the final vote.

Craig, Brian, Kate, Cameron, Nadia, Anthony and Pete. Who is going to be added to that list tonight?

A bell sounds and the housemates fight over an envelope and letter that has been delivered underneath the door. Everyone is invited to the farewell dinner. They have to get dressed immediately.

They each have to make speeches about their time in the house. It’s a moving time as things start to wind up in the house.

Everyone is emotional. Is there a dry eye in the house? Everyone is hugging and crying as they all know the adventure is all about to come to end and they’ll be going their separate ways and back to their own lives.

Davina introduces the class of 2007 who are sitting there next above the crowd. Everyone is there except Jonathan and Emily. Everyone gets cheers except Charley who is booed once again. As Davina starts to introduce Chanelle, Charley stands up and starts posing and takes the limelight, again.

Davina announces the first round of results for the evening. Finishing in 6th place is Jonty and finishing in 5th place is Carole. As they come out, Carole is cheering but Jonty doesn’t really seem to know what to make of it and looks a little overwhelmed.

Davina talks to Jonty about his wind issues. Jonty finds it hilarious and cracks a joke about how it was a real gas being in the house. He is laughing like a school girl. He’s with Monkety Tunkety who is helping out with his interview because he’s nervous.

Carole says that she’s not normally that clean and tidy at home but she was the way she was in the house purely because she was bored.

Davina tells us that in fourth place for Big Brother 2007 is Ziggy. Brian reminds him that Chanelle will be waiting out there for him. Ziggy’s exit is somewhat rushed. He quickly turns the corner and starts walking to meet Davina without addressing the crowd. He looks really nervous. Davina talks to him about “Chiggy” and once again when they play his tape they include the “It’s not you, it’s me” again. Davina asks Chanelle if they’ll be getting together and Chanelle nods. The “It’s not you, it’s me” joke is used a few times and I can imagine that poor Ziggy is going to be hearing that a lot for a while now, possibly even for years to come.

It’s time for the third place getter to be named. It’s Liam. Sam and Amanda are shocked and Brian can’t believe it either. It’s down to Brian and Sam and Amanda.

The auditions for Big Brother 9 start on November 24th. Gee, we’re talking about next year already!

Liam is anxious to leave. He doesn’t want to have to wait for thirty minutes and thinks that it feels like a year.

Liam leaves the house to enormous cheers. There’s a giant sign which Davina points out to Liam which asks “Liam, will you trim my bush?” and there’s also a “Wings of Steel” banner as well.

Liam is brilliant in his interview and seems like he’s been doing them for years.

It comes down to the big moment we’ve all been waiting for. The winner of 2007 is Brian. He can’t believe it and says he doesn’t deserve to win. The twins are all excited but they’re leaving him to go see Davina while he has to wait it out. They’ll cheering and telling him well done and that he did deserve it. They twins are screaming as they come out to cheers. They’re so bubbly and excited.

Davina admits that all the screaming is infectious. Davina tells them that after 13 weeks, they never received one nomination. Everyone loved them. Amanda admits that she might be having second thoughts about perphaps getting together with Brian. Inside the house, Brian is running around the lounge jumping on the furniture and celebrating his win.

It’s time for Brian to come out. He had 60.3% of the final vote. Brian takes one last look inside the house and enters the vestibule. He adjusts his tie, climbs the stairs and waits for the door to open. The door opens and the fireworks and confetti fly. Brian walks down and through the crowd as they chant his name.

Brian can’t believe it. Davina says it’s because he’s lovely. Brian was Big Brother’s number one fan and now he’s won it. The talk about his big thing and Brian is embarrassed and exclaims “Have you seen my pecker on TV”?

Davina reminds Brian about something he said in the diary room about Amanda. He said that if they made love then angels would come down and harps would play. He thinks he’s suck a makerel.

Davina then asks him another question – Bianca Gascoigne of Amanda. He answers Amanda but it was Bianca before he went into the Big Brother house.

We get to see the best bits of Big Brother 2007 before the fireworks and confetti rain down again. And with that, Big Brother is over for another year.

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