Coming Soon - How to Have Sex After Marriage

how to have sex after marriage

Coming to Five is a brand new series exploring the sexual problems facing married couples living in a modern society rife with social and emotional pressures. Each week, relationship psychotherapist Anjula Mutanda, dating expert Sam Van Rood, and sex writer Catherine Townsend take a couple with a non-existent sex life and try to put some passion back in their bedroom. For many of them it could make the difference between a happy marriage, and no marriage at all.

It is tough emotional journey which begins when the couple are forced to face their problems head on and rate each other out of ten in three very personal categories: emotions, appearance, and sex. After the shock of having to face the truth, they then work individually with the experts on improving their scores.

These brave and honest couples will be put through the mill emotionally as they learn new techniques and gain practical insight into how to spice up their love lives. Finally, they are reunited with their partner in a dream location on a romantic second honeymoon. But will they have learnt how to have sex after marriage again?

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  • Anonymous

    cant wait !!

  • Anonymous

    sounds great!

  • Anonymous

    I see the first couple are from Lincolnshire, I thought they were all rampant up there?
    Sounds good, will be watchin with glee

  • Anonymous

    hi, my name id debbie fox – and i am going to be on the 3rd /4th show, it was absol brilliant and saved our marriage – so many people are in the same situation – and many of our friends thought we were crazy – but many of them should have gone through the process we went through, our marriage is back on track, sex is the best, i have my husband back, and hopefully i can say, my husband has got his wife back – debbie fox



  • Bobby Buckley

    Episode #2

    This was truly a life changing experience for Chloe and I. It really taught us how to open our lines of communication with each other and not to take each other for granted. We have been together for 16yrs so after time you start to fall into the same daily, weekly, monthly routine.

    Chloe and I are normally a very private couple and do not talk in detail about our sex lives with our mates and co-workers. So why go on TV and announce this to everyone people have asked. Well, all we can really say is we realized our relationship was in need of some guidance and this was an oppertunity that both of us did not want to pass up.

    After we completed filming and started talking with our mates and co-workers about the experience we were amazed at how many people confided with us that they too had very similar problems and habits.

    Chloe and I are very excited about the show, hopefully it is edited in a manner to do our “Life changing experience” justice.

    We are fairly confident people will be able to take something out of the show to help with their own relationship which we are very proud of.

    It is an emotional roller coaster…hopefully you will get a chance to see it.



  • Hard orking Mom

    Give me a break here! So the the secret is to get away for a week withouth any hassle and then spuce yourself up for a nice evening and presto you will have sex?? It’s not rocket science, people are not having sex because of work, kids and things in the housethat need doing and money problems. One week away from that isn’t going to address the issues. Why do we need a TV show to state the obvious.

    If you dress better, look aftr yourself and are nice to each other you might have better sex! No kidding Sherlock.

  • Anonymous

    You have a terrible attitude, which is sad… Everything you listed in your rant below, my wife and I do with each other, for each other and also for ourselves. The secret is not getting away and being oblivious to reality, it is taking the time to understand where the root of some of the problems are for the relationship and learning how to incorporate new ways to address any insecurities or inhabitions either of the partners may have. It has taught us how to communicate more openly and honest in our everyday life and also in the bedroom.

    As to your question “Why do we need a TV show to state the obvious.”

    Obviously from reading your comment:

    “If you dress better, look after yourself and are nice to each other you might have better sex! No kidding Sherlock.”

    It will do you good to watch the full 10 episodes of the series, a true, honest, loving, happy, relationship is not just based on your golden rule.

    You are making a very strong statement by questioning the purpose of the series. I suggest you make your judgement after viewing a few of the episodes rather then jumping to conclusions after the first episode.

    If you don’t intend to watch anymore of the series, it is only your loss…actually sorry it is also your partners loss 🙂


  • Anonymous

    how gorgeous is Catherine

  • Anonymous

    My husband and I applied to go on this show, however he backed out deciding he could not go ahead with showing his feelings on tv. The show producers even suggested we talked to Bobby and Chloe to try and get him to overcome his fears. My fear is our marriage is over and this was the point in the right direction we needed. I guess not everyone thinks every thing is worth saving.

  • Bobby

    Reply to below, if you or your husband still want to talk to Chloe and I, just contact us, they are still looking for three more couples, they just finished the 7th episode on Wednesday so you still have some time. If it is any comfort for your husband, I am not one to discuss my sex life or private matters with my mates etc.. so I was skeptical at first too. The director and all of the crew were very friendly and understanding to our feelings and did not try to persuade us to do anything we did not feel comfortable about doing. There was actually one task that was too much out of my wife’s comfort zone so she declined to do it, but they were still able to film the task in a different way without Chloe fully participating. Chloe didn’t feel comfortable doing it on camera, but for our private time at home it has done wonders!!!

    All I can say was it was a fantastic experience, we do not have any regrets and glad we followed through with it. I completly understand how your husband feels, maybe after our show it will change his thoughts a little. Best of luck in the future.


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for that. I have looked but cant see anywhere to send you a private message. Is this possible on here We plan to watch your show tonight and see if he will change his mind.

  • neil

    Bobby, your comments and those of Debbie are heartwarming. It means so much to know that you have taken good things away from the experience and that you are prepared to share that with others. I hope both of you enjoy your shows. You are all inspirational. Neil – a small part of your journey

  • Lynsey

    Hi everyone,

    I’m glad the show has been well received. We are still looking for couples for this series of ‘How To Have Sex After Marriage’ and would love to hear from you if you think it’s something that may be helpful to you and your relationship.
    Please call Lynsey on 01752727478 if you are interested in being considered for the series.
    Thank you and best wishes

    Lynsey Pollard

  • joseph

    Just want to suggest you consider teaching the basicsex may be supprising that many couple don’t know how to have sex.not just sex as it were but their partners emotional status and needs,the environment and believe to mention but few.

  • Anonymous

    you were fantastic!!!!!!!!
    i lost my partner around two and half years ago although we are still together only just, this most recent sexual encounter he has had was his second and was a fumble in his office, the first was 2.5 years ago and lasted for 6 months which i never knew about till it had ended, we split up the first time and eventually got back together, this time however i didnt jump into kicking him out of the door,i totally love this man and have so much passion and feeling locked up inside me bursting to get out, but he is locked away and i cant reach him he says its not me its him and no matter what i keep banging my head against the brick wall, i even now have started to go to relate, he bottled out of the first session, i asked him to go see the doctor in case it could be depression, he says he loves me, he just doesnt believe that we can re ignite what we had that was amazing. we have 7 kids between us and he runs his own business full time so i know not much time for anything else i just wish i could wave my wand and just have him want to hold me, or kiss me, or whatever!!!! rather than my crying or getting upset, txting him nonsense and making him probably feel worse. ah and now im writing to a complete stranger i must be desperate x x x anyway i was so pleased for you and your husband you have my dream,all i wish for!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The wife watched this program a few episodes ago and liked the idea of the feathers and blindfold etc and concentrating on the senses. I didn’t see this episode myself so can anyone expand on the technique, maybe let me know what it’s called so I can do some research. (I am allergic to feathers, can anyone suggest an alternative ?) I will certainly be watching future episodes.

  • Jools & Steve

    We are Jools and Steve and we have just finished filming ep9 and we cannot thank the team enough. If you could nip into a diy shop an buy this exerience then it would be priceles.

    After only a few days apart, the feelings I had before I met Jools on our 2nd honeymoon were greater then when we married 16 years ago. I’m no softy, havin spent long months away with the RAF, but four days with the team catapulted us out of our rut and into the fulfilling marriage we deserve. Thanks.

    I put Jools through hell with my affair but she came through and unselfishly she carried me out with her. We hope that somewhere out there watches and relates to what we have been through and realises that no matter how bad things seem there is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel.

    Jools and me are back at home now with the biggest smiles on our faces and a fantastic future in front of us. Oh! And the sex is fantastic even though we both now are full of a cold.

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