Coming Soon - Nick Baker's Wierd Creatures

nick baker’s weird creatures –series 2

Nick Baker returns with an even stranger collection of creatures for a second series of nature documentaries. Once again, Nick sets off to the most far-flung parts of the globe on a mission to find some of the weirdest, ugliest, and downright bizarre animals that grace our planet.

Over the course of the series, Nick encounters creatures like the 200lb monster snapping turtle, famed for its awesome jaw power; the giant hellbender salamander that oozes toxic slime as a mechanism of defence; the super-intelligent mimic octopus; and the enormous catfish that terrorises the waters of Britain and Spain.

The series also joins Nick in the Indonesian rainforest as he searches for one of the tiniest and most ferocious primates in the world. In another episode, he looks for some of the deadliest rats, snakes and spiders in Madagascar. And on Nick’s final mission, he goes on a turbo-charged trek to find the king of colour, the Parsons chameleon. This is not one for the faint-hearted…

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