Coming soon on Extraordinary People: The Smallest Boy in Britain

extraordinary people: the tiniest boy in britain

Five’s acclaimed documentary strand continues with more absorbing programmes exploring remarkable tales of human experience. Coming soon is the story of two-year-old Alex Connerty, Britain’s only primordial dwarf. Alex was born with an extremely rare condition that has stunted his development and means that he will grow to be no taller than three feet. This condition, barely understood by doctors, affects only 58 people in the world.

The film follows the Connerty family as they struggle to understand their son’s genetic disorder. So little is known about primordial dwarves that doctors cannot even predict how long Alex will live – whether it be two, five or ten years. What is known is that Alex is in severe danger of suffering a ruptured blood vessel in his brain – a common occurrence in primordial dwarves, whose brains often develop faster than their skulls.

In search of answers about Alex’s case, the family travels to the US to meet the world’s only expert in primordial dwarfs, in the hope that tests might tell them what their son’s future will hold. Whilst there, the Connertys visit the ‘Little People of America’ convention, where they meet the parents of other primordial dwarves, and discover that they are not alone in coping with this incredible and disturbing condition.

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  • charlie

    i think the documentary will be really good and i think it will help people understand life from his point of view. also i hope he lives a happy bully-free life.
    lots of love

  • sue

    Bless – what a lovely story.. Stories like this help society understand that people are just people… doesn’t matter what shape or size you are x

  • Anonymous

    I really wanted to see this documentary but I unfortunately missed it. Is there a repeat or anyway of viewing it?

  • Mother of a ‘dwarf’ daughter

    My daughter & I watched this programme together last night, Alex is an adorable little boy, has fantastic parents & siblings & I was just as excited & delighted as his parents when he ‘WALKED’….I wish him well in his walking, talking & eating….”You walk with the giants”
    Love Angie & Alana x0x0x0x0x0x

  • Anonymous

    watching the programme was very moving i felt a anoumously feeling in my heart i feel proud that he hasw parents like you

  • Anonymous

    I was very moved byt his programme last night. Alex is an amazing young boy. I had tears in my eyes when he took his first steps. I wish him all the luck in the world

  • Temi

    Just like you Anonymous, I missed it last night. And Sue, what you said is really lovely although everyone said something nice and spoke their hearts out.

  • jo

    The documentary was fantastic , my daughter who is 9 sat and I watched it on the tv last week totally amazed about how Alex and his family coped with their own challenges with his illness. i wish the family well and hope Alex lives a long and healthy life. Good luck , would love for it to be screened again or even a follow up on his life as he gets older would be brilliant .

  • Sue Alex’s mum

    Hi all its Alex’s mum Sue.

    I would just like to Thank You all for leaving such lovely comments. I am just waiting to find out when the documentary is on again and will let you know. If you would like to look at Alex’s website which we are trying to update is

    or email at

    Sue xxx

  • Anonymous

    I watched this programme last night and was touched by Alex and his family, you are amazing people with all the love in the world. I was overwhelmed with the way you coped and spent most of the programme in tear. I am so glad you made the trip to America and when Alex took his first steps I felt as if I was there with you all.

    I wish you all the best for the future and hope that Alex and the rest of the family have a happy, healthy life.

    Your other two children were wonderful and patient.

    Thank you for opening my eyes and touching my heart.

  • maureen fraser

    i watched your documentary on channel 5 last night and may i say i cried all the way through it. what a lovely loving little boy alex is. my heart went out to him. he is so lucky to have such loving and caring parents as yourselves. i just wanted to give him a big cuddle. i will follow alex’s progress with much interest.good luck to all your family, and a big hug for alex.

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