How to Have Sex after Marriage - Wednesday October 3

how to have sex after marriage
rick and megan (1/10)

Starting tonight is a brand new series exploring the sexual problems facing married couples in a modern society rife with social and emotional pressures. A trio of experts take a couple with a non-existent sex life and try to put some passion back in their bedroom. Tonight’s opening edition features Rick and Megan, whose love life has ground to halt in the face of difficulties at home.

For many married couples in the UK, sustaining a sex life is one of the most challenging problems they face. Each week, How to Have Sex After Marriage takes a couple whose relationship is on the brink of disaster and forces them to face their problems head on. The couple are asked to rate each other out of ten in three very personal categories: emotions, appearance and sex. They then work individually with the experts to improve their scores, before being reunited with their partner in a dream location on a romantic second honeymoon. But will they have learned how to have sex after marriage again? For many of the participants, the experience could make the difference between a happy marriage, and no marriage at all.

Rick and Megan from Laceby in Lincolnshire are in desperate need of help to reignite their flagging love life. Together for seven years, the couple have been beset by challenges in the home: they both have children from previous relationships, and their one and only child together, Charlie, was diagnosed with a heart defect soon after his birth six years ago.

Since then, the couple have stopped work to look after Charlie, and the strain of caring for a sick child has had its inevitable effect on their sex life. Megan has lost her self-confidence and stays busy in order to keep her anxieties at bay; while Rick feels emasculated since leaving his job, and spends most evenings in the pub – before returning home to make some misguided attempts at seduction.

Fortunately, help is at hand from the How to Have Sex After Marriage team. Anjula Mutanda is a consultant psychological therapist with a range of TV credits including ‘This Morning’ and ‘Doctor, Doctor’. She brings her experience to bear alongside columnist and self-proclaimed ‘sexual adventuress’ Catherine Townsend, who has written at length about her many varied sexual encounters. Rounding off the team is Sam Van Rood, an Australian dating expert with a wealth of experience in teaching people how to flirt, date and maintain a relationship.

Anjula, Cat and Sam get to work rebuilding Rick and Megan’s sex life by encouraging Megan to relax and learn the value of time to herself with a trip to a sensory deprivation centre. Will the gentle, lapping waters of a flotation tank help Megan find her inner calm and banish her anxieties?

Rick, meanwhile, is sent to charm school to learn the art of seduction and work on his broken and ineffectual chat-up lines. He is then introduced to a special method hailed as the ‘holy grail of foreplay’.

With their marriage on the line, will this crash course in sexual techniques be enough to help rekindle Rick and Megan’s old passion?

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  • Anonymous

    I wish this could have been done for me & my ex. we split after 20 years together. With boys aged 8,10 & 12 we were in exactly the same position. Sex was another chore i had to do. After 10 years and several failed relationships i still wish i was married to him. He is about to get married again this Sat. and it hurts more than i thought it would.

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