How to Have Sex After Marriage - Wednesday October 3

how to have sex after marriage
rick and megan (1/10)
wednesday, 21.00–22.00

Starting this week is a brand new series exploring the sexual problems facing married couples in a modern society rife with social and emotional pressures. A trio of experts take a couple with a non-existent sex life and try to put some passion back in their bedroom. Wednesday’s opening edition features Rick and Megan, whose love life has ground to halt in the face of difficulties at home.

For many married couples in the UK, sustaining a sex life is one of the most challenging problems they face. Each week, How to Have Sex After Marriage takes a couple whose relationship is on the brink of disaster and forces them to face their problems head on. The couple are asked to rate each other out of ten in three very personal categories: emotions, appearance and sex. They then work individually with the experts to improve their scores, before being reunited with their partner in a dream location on a romantic second honeymoon. But will they have learned how to have sex after marriage again? For many of the participants, the experience could make the difference between a happy marriage, and no marriage at all.

Rick and Megan from Laceby in Lincolnshire are in desperate need of help to reignite their flagging love life. Together for seven years, the couple have been beset by challenges in the home: they both have children from previous relationships, and their one and only child together, Charlie, was diagnosed with a heart defect soon after his birth six years ago.

Since then, the couple have stopped work to look after Charlie, and the strain of caring for a sick child has had its inevitable effect on their sex life. Megan has lost her self-confidence and stays busy in order to keep her anxieties at bay; while Rick feels emasculated since leaving his job, and spends most evenings in the pub – before returning home to make some misguided attempts at seduction.

Fortunately, help is at hand from the How to Have Sex After Marriage team. Anjula Mutanda is a consultant psychological therapist with a range of TV credits including ‘This Morning’ and ‘Doctor, Doctor’. She brings her experience to bear alongside columnist and self-proclaimed ‘sexual adventuress’ Catherine Townsend, who has written at length about her many varied sexual encounters. Rounding off the team is Sam Van Rood, an Australian dating expert with a wealth of experience in teaching people how to flirt, date and maintain a relationship.

Anjula, Cat and Sam get to work rebuilding Rick and Megan’s sex life by encouraging Megan to relax and learn the value of time to herself with a trip to a sensory deprivation centre. Will the gentle, lapping waters of a flotation tank help Megan find her inner calm and banish her anxieties?

Rick, meanwhile, is sent to charm school to learn the art of seduction and work on his broken and ineffectual chat-up lines. He is then introduced to a special method hailed as the ‘holy grail of foreplay’.

With their marriage on the line, will this crash course in sexual techniques be enough to help rekindle Rick and Megan’s old passion?

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  • Lins

    What was the method of oral sex that was so successful?? Sounded good!

  • Anonymous

    Where can I find out about the oral sex technique? I need to get my man trained!

  • Anonymous

    I have been married for 33 years with two wonderful grown up children and a wonderful husband. My problem is that I love him very much but do not fancy him in the bedroom. He is very over weight with a big tummy which really puts me off. On the occasion we do have sex I feel num and it is always over very quickly. I can only kiss his lips and not his body. I find I do not orgasism very easily and not even my vibrator does the trick now. I would never leave my husband but feel we are missing out on a very important part of marriage. Unfortunately he did not see the program as I would like him to learn the gift technique.

  • Nathalie

    Where can I find the name + a relevant website of the amazing oral sex technique Rick has been taught last night?

  • Nat

    The documaentary will be shown again tonight at 9pm on fivelive. Worth seeing, definetly.

  • Anonymous

    Would like to get hubby to try out the special oral sex method … please send details … will let you tomororw how it went!!!

  • hayley

    how do i find out about that new oral sex technique on last nights show, me and my hubby really want to find out.

  • hayley

    want to find out more about that oral technique,hubby wants sex 5 times a night

  • megan

    YES the technique that rick was taught ,most definatly works and i have renamed it “the gift” AWSOME AWSOME, makes me want to “cum,cum,cum !” haha .
    we both have a marriage stronger than ever thanks to the show !!!!

  • Anonymous

    Good for you Megan. The question is: what was the name of it? Surely you could tell us that!

  • Anonymous

    what sky channel is five live ?

  • Anonymous

    fivelive is a freeview terrestrial digital chanel(no 36 i think). It is not a sattelite chanel.

  • Mike

    Can you tell me where i can get the info on the oral sex technique.

  • Bernal

    My wife has sent me on the computer to find this oral sex technique. Is anyone going to tell me where it is?
    Otherwise my shirts will not be Ironed!

  • Sam

    Please send details web address of the o technique

  • Chris

    just watched the programme again and still didnt ger the name of the technique, can you help with name and a website

  • Anonymous

    Come on someone …………… we all want to know what the method of oral sex was??? It’s good to share!

  • Anonymous

    I have found the name!!!
    KIVIN method or technique, I hope this helps and you have hours of fun, I know I will!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    What a super show- I cried and smiled so much. This programme has got to be a must watch for most couples in a long term relationship. Well done Rick and Megan for having the courage to lay emotions bare in public- you’ll have helped so many people, including me…..I’m off to buy some new underwear!

  • Anonymous

    i would like to know where i can infos or DVDs of the whole programme?

  • Anonymous

    i would like to know where i can infos or DVDs of the whole programme?

  • Nat

    Will definetly do research about this Kivin method. If someone finds a good link or relevant info to help get details of it please let us know. Will do the same!

  • Anonymous
  • simon

    Tried the KIVIN method last night and wow it really does work, within 3 minutes my wife reached an orgasm. I think its due to the different angle of your tongue and the pressure on the perineum. A big thankyou to all who have posted 🙂

  • Malcolm

    I would also like to know if there is any web site or video available with (hopefully) practical demonstrations and explanation as to this new method.

    Although I am possibly a good candidate for the program itself, I don’t believe I could ever convince my wife to take part.

    So any help with this might just be what the doctor ordered.

    There used to be a video available from but no longer.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    Malcolm, did you have any luck with the search? If so please let me know as I can’t find a video

  • Anonymous

    lots of enquiries where do i find the answer, to the whereabouts of this wondrous technique

  • Dani

    Hello People, I found it! A video clip on the “Kivin Method”.


  • Mel

    I’m not sure if anyone is still keeping an eye on this page,…but I just wanted to kask if this series was ever sold on dvd. It’s showing on tv in Australia at the moment,my sister told me about it. The problem is that I live over seas. My husband and I have been married for one year, and together for five. We met in Oz, fell in love, and then I moved to Germany (he is German). During the last two and a half years of our relationship I’ve watched our sex life slowly wittle away to a heart breaking once every 6-8 weeks. We even went 3 months without it once. I don’t know how this happened to us,…there was so much love between us,…there still is. He seemed less interested in sex after I moved to Germany, and it seemed that the more I asked for it, creid about it, or wanted to talk about it, the less he wanted (or needed) it. Now, I feel so unattractive that when he does actually want it, I feel anxious and push him away. We’ve talked allot about it,…but it hasn’t helped as much as I would like. We now have sex once every 4-6 weeks. An improvement, yes,….but it’s been a really slow process to get it there. I guess one thing we’ve both learnt so far is that although we used to have a great sex life, we never talked about sex or about our sexual needs or likes. So when we first started talking about our sex life it felt like we we learning how to talk about sex for the first time,….it wasn’t easy, I was surprised how emotional it can be. But after reading all of your comments, and about each episode, I realised that sitting down and watching this show together might be a way to help my husband understand that we’re not alone in this. It might also give us some tips or perspectives that we haven’t considered yet.
    So, please,…does anyone know if I can oder the series on dvd? Or, this in the planning? I’ve considered a sex therapist, but not sure how to find one which can do talk with us in English here in Germany. We really need help.

  • anjula

    I was the expert on the show, and I`m heartened that so many people found this ground breaking show so positive and very helpful.So many couples watched the show together, and it definitely broke the ice- and got them talking, being honest and on the right road to recovery. If you contact TWO FOUR broadcast the production company who made it- (they`re based in Plymouth UK), they`ll advise if the series will be released on DVD.
    Best wishes

  • Mel

    Thank you

  • I just watched the show in New Zealand about Neve and ??? and loved the show. I am a male who in the past three years has become very in touch with my emotions and feelings and would like to recommend to any men or women an amazing program out there run by a not-for-profit organization, which is available in London called the Kairos Foundation. Their website is and their main weekend course, More To Life, is about getting in touch with our deepest emotions, among other things. It looks at resentments, self-esteem and a way to get in touch with every event that happens in our life.

    I highly recommend it or any other way to get in touch with our deepest fears, expectations and judgements about ourselves, others and live.

    Keep up the great work!

    Chris 🙂

  • bethany t

    ewwwwww whos not a vergin ewwww your all not vergins i am im not angin like us im only 10 ewwwwwww

  • Anonymous

    what happened to the show in australia

  • jools and steve

    Hi Megan and Rick, just wanted to say congratulations!! Steve and I were on episode 9 and the programme was a fantastic experience. We are very very happy with a very bright future in front of us. Glad to know it worked for you too because you do wonder how everyone else got on.
    Best wishes for the future,

    Jools and Steve xxx

  • A.Y

    I tink it will intrested 4 me

  • Katie

    My husband is gay and we are still have sex once a month and i love him so much what should i do to me him happy so he will stop watch all the gay mobies.. thaks

  • Alexandra

    The first thing to say is that I really love your tv series,and i watch it daily on a romanian channel. It’s brilliant how you manage to solve those marriage crises. Even if I’m not married yet, I try to learn as much as I can, beacuse these kind of problems araise in most of the marriages. Thanks a lot for the experience you help us get! You rock!

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