My Body Hell - Wednesday October 3

my body hell (3/5)

This groundbreaking documentary series provides a revealing insight into the complex world of women’s beauty, using candid testimony from real women across the country. This evening’s instalment examines body hair.

In a British television first, My Body Hell takes viewers inside the bathrooms of female celebrities and everyday women as they pluck, squeeze and shave their bodies to within an inch of their lives. The series also asks why the vast majority of women hate their bodies when, in reality, they are perfectly normal and attractive. Unique in its genre, My Body Hell does not attempt to make women over, but rather encourages them to love and accept their bodies –freckles, stretch marks, wrinkles and all!

The focus of today’s edition is one of the last great female taboos. In bathrooms and beauty salons throughout Britain, women are fighting a secret battle with body hair. While the modern woman seems willing to expose more flesh than ever before, 98 per cent of British women claim to be uncomfortable with their body hair.

In tonight’s programme, real women and celebrities reveal what they really feel about one of their most closely guarded secrets. Among the guests brave enough to share their body hair tales is Jayne Connery, a woman who claims to spend a huge 14 hours a week keeping her body free of unsightly hair.

Also in the programme, Sam Cassidy explains why she has decided to take the plunge in Hollywood for the ultimate bikini wax. Elsewhere, Danielle Lloyd –former Miss England and star of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ –agrees to go through a session at the gym sporting underarm hair.How will members of the public react?

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  • Anonymous

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  • natalie andrews

    please can you tell me when this is to be aired again, or if i can access a copy of the programme. I am a beauty therapy lecturer and would like to play it for my students.

    many thanks, Natalie Andrews

  • fiona cruickshank

    can you tell me the neame and address of the camp that Rachel went to please.


  • Fiona,

    Rachel was at The Camp in Scotland.

    I run the office and so if you need any information then please feel free to give me a ring on 0870 033 2375 or drop me an email: Alternativly you could have a look at our website.


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    good article by the way, it was very interesting.

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