Suburban Shootout - SERIES FINAL - Thursday September 20

suburban shootout (3/3)

Concluding this evening is the second series of the award-winning, home-grown comedy about two gangs of vigilante housewives who run the seemingly idyllic town of Little Stempington. In tonight’s series finale, a shocking discovery puts Camilla’s plans for a super casino on hold; Joyce takes drastic action to regain control of the town; and Barbara’s new ally, Donna, turns out to be a little troublesome.

Having successfully blackmailed the local MEP, Toby, to change his policy about development on the town’s wetlands, Camilla has organised a special ceremony to celebrate the beginning of the work on her new project –a Robin Hood-themed super casino to be built in the heart of ‘Englandshire’. Barbara, now out of prison but subject to an electronic tag and a curfew, rushes to the scene to see what has been happening in her absence. When she learns of Camilla’s plans, she is not happy. “I’ll skin him alive,” she promises, on hearing about Toby’s involvement.

With the press in attendance, Little Stempington’s mayor places the shovel into the ground, only to uncover the hand of a skeleton holding a golf club. “That’s not where we buried it!’ says Camilla to Barbara. Two years earlier, it emerges, Camilla and Barbara dispatched a burglar using Stuart’s golf clubs, before burying him in the allotments. Assigned the unenviable task of moving the body, Marge decided the wetlands would be a better home for the corpse. Now, the discovery of the body not only puts the super casino plans on hold, but also threatens to put Barbara and Camilla behind bars.

Determined to avoid such a speedy return to prison, Barbara heads home and confers with her crew. The women decide that they must get hold of the only two pieces of evidence linking the two gang leaders to the crime –Stuart’s golf clubs and the body. To this end, they decide to hold a summit meeting with Camilla’s gang. “It will be just like old times,” says Marge, excitedly. “We can even take some nail bombs stuffed in our knickers!”

When the rival mobs meet in a deserted car park, it is not long before old hostilities come to the fore and guns are drawn on both sides. But, with a shared objective, they eventually arrive at a plan: executing a two-pronged attack, Camilla’s team will get hold of Stuart’s golf clubs, whilst Barbara and her girls will take care of the body.

Desperate to return the kindness Barbara showed her in prison, Donna begs to be involved with the plan, and is allowed to retrieve the body. This decision, however, proves to be something of a mistake. Arriving at the crime scene in the middle of the night, Donna sneaks past the incompetent police officers, supposedly on guard duty, and cuts her way into the evidence tent. “Daz!” she screams, on spotting a tasteless necklace hanging around the corpse’s neck. Could she have recognised the unfortunate burglar?

The next day, Pam and Marge discover that Barbara is missing, so head to the tearoom for a showdown with Hilary and Lillian. However, Camilla’s girls claim to know nothing about Barbara’s disappearance, insisting that their leader has also vanished. “There’s something very odd here,” says Marge. Just then, Joyce –who had been in hospital after suffering something of a breakdown –strolls past the window holding Barbara’s ‘floral assault rifle bag’. It seems Joyce has decided to take control of Little Stempington, and the rival groups must join forces to stop her. “Remember, she’s armed and dangerous,” says Lillian, as she and the other women go in pursuit of their target. “But then again, so are we.”

Meanwhile, Barbara and Camilla are chained up in the bedroom of a local showhome. The man they killed two years ago was none other than Donna’s brother, and she intends to take her revenge with petrol and matches. “Death by trailer trash,” considers Camilla, in disbelief. Is this the end for Little Stempington’s crime bosses, or can the housewives effect a last-minute escape?

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