Women Who Kill - Friday September 28

women who kill
jennifer twist (5/6)
cynthia phillips (6/6)

Concluding on Five tonight is the documentary series that delves into the case files of female murderers. This evening’s double bill focuses on the story of Jennifer Twist, convicted of killing an older man; and lethal seductress Cynthia Phillips, who murdered a string of lovers and husbands.

The first part of tonight’s taste of crime begins in the small town of Ocala, Florida, where 15-yearold Jennifer Twist eked out a living in seedy motels. Jennifer was there to take advantage of the older rich men amongst the town’s large retirement community. But her life was to take a turn into infamy when she was picked up by a former navy seaman, Bud Weese.

Weese’s assignation with Jennifer resulted in him being hit over the head with a hammer six times. Jennifer was arrested and accused of murdering Weese for his money. Sent to jail for the crime, Jennifer still protests her innocence.

Tonight’s second instalment recounts the violent and greedy exploits of Cynthia Phillips. The crimes of this attractive, flirtatious woman only came to light after the bullet-ridden body of her boyfriend Tony was discovered on a back road in Corsicana, Texas. Police became suspicious when Cynthia tried to claim a $100,000 insurance policy on Tony’s life within three days of his murder.

The bleached blonde had finally made a serious mistake – one that eventually led to a 24-year prison sentence for homicide in Colorado. Police uncovered a long and sordid history of murdered husbands and boyfriends, burned houses, deals with hitmen, and a fortune amassed in insurance policy money.

Detectives discovered a pattern of mayhem in Cynthia’s wake: first husband Les Konrade was found dead in a Kansas creek; another boyfriend’s house burned down; her second husband had a contract out for his death; and, finally, her boyfriend Tony’s death in Texas. Before long, there were revelations of a shadowy new boyfriend, Bob, who may have done Cynthia’s dirty work for her – that is, if she herself was not the killer.

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  • Pat Perrotta

    Can you please tell me how I can purchase this series of WOMEN WHO KILL aired Friday, September 28, 2007 on dvd? Thank You,
    Pat Perrotta

  • Emily Dugas

    I would like to have a copy of the jennifer twist story.

  • Tonya Watson

    I am a personal friend of Jennifer Twist… I can tell you anything about her. Don’t believe all the “hype” and “acting” that plays along with movies

  • lizz

    thank you tonya. jen would never.

  • lizz

    thank you tonya. jen would never.

  • robert

    could you tell me about jennifer t?

  • Wendy B

    I Actually Know Jennifer Due to the Fact she was my Bunkie in Broward Correctional . I Had a 3 yr Sentence and for 2 of those years Jennifer was My Roomate . She worked as a Canteen Worker and I will tell You she is a Very Sweet Woman and as she has told me and others hundreds of times she isnt guilty of what she is charged with . After being around her for 2 yrs I can Honestly say I don’t believe she did it . I have seen her in alot of different situations to where you would expect a CONVICTED MURDERER to react a certain way but But she is a very Passive person and is always calm never seen her mad even when pushed over the edge . She is a very caring and giving person and I truly hope that her Sentence is overturned on day and she is let free . I believe they will find who really did this and Jennifer’s name will be cleared of everything

  • Hello Wendy i’m shawn. Are you on facebook or myspace. Lets talk. You can use my direct email wolf3624@yahoo.com

  • LivingLearningLife

    I also have been trying to find out how I can purchase the Documentary “Women Who Kill” on DVD, or atleast where I can watch it online.

    I knew Karen Newell before she had killed her husband.

    I contacted the producer of the documentary with no luck!

    If anyone knows where or how I can obtain a copy of this documentary or where I can watch it online. Please let me know.

    Thank You!

  • Renee Michele

    Jennifer and I were friends when we were teenagers in Ocala, Florida. When I heard of her arrest I wasn’t the least bit surprised. I followed her Trial and it seemed as though they had concrete evidence in finding her guilty. Jennifer had a lot of emotional issues when we were kids. Very bizarre behaviors. I’ve been looking for the episode of Women Who Kill in which they did a story on her but have yet to find it. I’m curious to see her interviewed. I wasn’t there when this elderly man was murdered. I can’t say if she is guilty or not. But I can attest to the fact that she has serious issues. The lies I caught her in were beyond bizarre. If anyone has a link to where I can find this episode, I would really appreciate it if you could share it with me.

  • 20justme20

    Did anyone ever find out how to get a copy of this DVD? I m very interested, I personally know some of Cynthia’s relation and would like to view as well! Thanks in advance!

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