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human lab rats

Over 60 per cent of people in the UK are either overweight or obese, with many of us eating ourselves into early graves. In this brand new series, six super-fit athletes have volunteered to become human lab rats for two weeks in order to illustrate what effect the nation’s favourite food is having on our bodies.

Over 14 days, the intrepid participants will incorporate some popular, though not necessarily healthy, foodstuffs into their diets, while their exercise regimes will be restricted to the national average of just 5,000 steps a day. At the beginning of the project, the athletes will have their vital signs and statistics measured by professionals to demonstrate that they are at the peak of physical fitness. Then, after a fortnight spent gorging on the likes of chips, burgers, pizzas, kebabs and fizzy drinks, the athletes will be assessed once more to see how their bodies have changed.

In the first edition of the series, presented by Vicki Edgson and Wendy Denning, showjumper and aspiring actor Oliver Skeete turns lab rat to see what will happen to his muscular, 50-year-old body when he abandons his exercise regime and diet in favour of a less healthy lifestyle. Oliver is horrified when he opens the box containing his main food source over the coming weeks and finds nothing other than cheese. How will the salad- and fruitloving sportsman cope with eating a pound of cheese a day, and what effects will the fatty diet have on his health?

Other lab rats in the series include stuntwoman Sarah Donohue, runner Iwan Thomas, boxer Cathy Brown and swimmer Karen Pickering, MBE.

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