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sweaty betty: hidden lives

It is often remarked that ladies do not sweat, they perspire – yet some women really do suffer from a medical condition that provokes near-constant sweating. Hyperhidrosis can lead to frequent embarrassment and discomfort as even simple activities leave sufferers dripping wet. Hidden Lives meets the women who struggle with this rarely acknowledged condition and follows their individual journeys in search of a solution.

Among the women featured is American Anne Schouveller, who has become an expert in hyperhidrosis since being diagnosed with it seven years ago. She has set up a website called ‘Sweaty Betty’ to raise awareness of the condition. Anne candidly shares her experience of this mortifying affliction, which embarrasses her 12year-old daughter and forces the whole family to adapt their activities around her sweating.

The programme also explores the story of a cheerful 19-year-old woman whose facial sweating impacts on her social life and is aggravated by her job working in a hairdresser’s. Will a course of botox injections end her lifelong struggle with hyperhidrosis?

Meanwhile, a 35-year-old mum believes the solution to her unstoppable armpit sweating may lie in complex ETS surgery – but other women claim to have suffered side effects from the procedure. Is there any surefire way to tackle this little-known and poorly understood condition?

About the author

  • Anonymous

    I have been suffering from severe sweating for nearly a year.
    I have been suffering from depression for a number of years for several reasons. My sweating started about two months before my mum died and it has increased severely ever since.

    My sweating:

    Of the face and hair as in the programme – I can wash and change but nothing changes within hours.

    Any hot foods – not necessarily spicey – hot beverages.

    Changes in humidity or hot days I really suffer. Bedtime is difficult – I have two fans blowing on me and it takes at least two hours for me to cool down and the same during the day I have to be sat in front of a fan to cool down. I have gone shopping in a cool supermarket and still sweat especially when I am aware of it and I sweat even more because of anxiety.

    My sweating occurs mostly :

    My hair and head
    my neck
    my front
    my back
    my groins

    I know obesity is one problem and I have put on weight since I stopped smoming 6 months ago = albeit I have broken this for a period of two weeks and one week.

    My husband put an air conditioning unit in my bedroom but I found that the room being cool was not enough – I need direct fan air over my body and as I said it takes ages to cool down. I have always a cloth to wipe my body parts down. Is this a case of drinking alcohol which is at least four nights a week = sometimes three or do you think I have a serious problem.

    I have been searching the internet for ages and funnily enough I came up with the diagnosis which you showed me tonight.

    What do I do now?


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