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the yorkshire ripper – mind of a killer: revealed

It is now 26 years since the Yorkshire Ripper was arrested in Sheffield for murdering 13 women and attacking a further seven. Claiming to have staged his attacks after hearing a message from God, Peter Sutcliffe pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility, but denied murder. However, the jury refused to accept that he suffered from schizophrenia, and Sutcliffe was given 20 life sentences.

Ever since the trial, controversy has raged about the state of Sutcliffe’s mind –whether he faked the symptoms of schizophrenia or whether he was genuinely mentally ill. Another documentary in Five’s Revealed strand, The Yorkshire Ripper – The Prison Years examines the 25 years that Sutcliffe has spent in jail to discover what his behaviour tells us about his mental state.

The film features interviews with key figures who have met Sutcliffe and played a significant part in his story since his arrest –including police officers, lawyers, a psychiatric nurse and the victim of one of his attacks. Also contributing are Sutcliffe’s brother, Carl, and a former pen pal of the killer who fell in love with him while he was in prison.

Using archive footage from the 1970s and 80s, the documentary paints a vivid picture of the Yorkshire Ripper’s life since his arrest in 1981. However, as the debate continues, only Peter Sutcliffe will ever know for sure if voices in his head really drove him to become one of the most notorious killers in British history.

About the author

  • THE RIPPER UNMASKED: Confessions from Sutcliffe to a Hypnotist by author Sandra Lester. She appears in the documentary MIND OF A KILLER: THE YORKSHIRE RIPPER

    SUPPORT THE CAMPAIGN: SANDRA LESTER is campaighning to change the system with regard to the correspondence and visiting rights of the most dangerous criminals/patients incarcerated in Prisons and Special Hospitals in the UK. IN ORDER TO PROTECT OTHERS SANDRA LESTER HAS SENT A COPY OF HER BOOK AND A PROPOSAL TO CHANGE THE SYSTEM TO GORDON BROWN.


    “A VERY IMPRESSIVE BOOK! What a wonderful record. I was fascinated by the letters and Sandra Lester’s poignant emotional journey”.


    “Lester’s raw and challenging testimony to true-crime history, is an unashamed, thought-provoking, true-life triumph: by a woman/author of great courgae and integrity”.


    “I found this book fascinating. Sandra’s bravery, honesty, and emotional open-ness are astonishing; her courage and basic human decency are exemplary and a lesson to us all”

    J. Taylor OUP Press

    “THE RIPPER UNAMSKED is a fascinating piece of true-crime history and Sandra Lester’s emotional frankness makes compelling reading. The message from a woman badly hurt by one of Britain’s most notorious psychopaths should NOT be ignored”!


    Purchase THE RIPPER UNMASKED from SANDRA AT £14.99+£2.00 P&P UK (Chqs payable to S. Lester, MAILBOX 22, 136A, LONDON ROAD, SOUTHEND-ON-SEA, ESSEX SS1 1PQ

    or e-mail her to support the campaign on this address:

  • Anonymous

    This is appalling. I haven’t purchased the book, having no intention of helping anyone profiteer from Sutcliffe’s murders. Sutcliffe, according to one article, refused her visitation, and that seems to be the most sensible thing he’s done so far in regards to the whole situation. Lester states that she is campaigning ‘for the rights of the victims’ in trying to ensure that Sutcliffe and his ilk are not allowed letter writing or visitation privileges, whilst totally ignoring the fact that Sutcliffe does not have a website online requesting penpals, and she is the main instigator on bringing attention to this man, and this situation. I would very much like to be pointed towards a source that shows where any of the victim’s family members have stated that they are grateful to her, for her campaign. I find it hard to believe that if Sutcliffe has ‘rubbished’ his victims, as she alleges on some sources, that they’d welcome seeing that disrespect publicly. These people need to heal, not that they ever will – they don’t need to have this thrown in their faces.

    Ripper Unmasked – Confessions to a Hypnotist. So, the first assumption is that this is a bona-fide hypnotist who’s sitting in Sutcliffe’s company? I wonder how many people who’ve seen this book have chosen and brought it on that premise – then once home opened the book to find that the hypnotist had never even spent time in the killer’s presence, had indeed, been refused leave to do so?

    People who write to killers do so at their own risk. They make the decision to do this, and if they do visit – I have never set foot in an English prison but have frequently visited in an American one – you sign a disclaimer before entering those doors. You enter at your own choice, and your own risk. The only stipulation should be that if anyone enters into correspondence with a killer – they sign a statement to the effect that at no time does any personal correspondence or item relating to the ‘relationship’ be sold for personal gain for either inmate or friend, or face prosecution. Does Ms Lester intend to donate all monies received from this book to a Victims Fund?

  • Anonymous

    Prison Service rulings on Assisted Prison Visits, presumably these are what Ms Lester is complaining about. This article is very clear in that Broadmoor and SECURE hospitals are not applicable. Ms Lester, while having a valid point SHOULD we the public be paying the bills for someone to visit Sutcliffe, seems to have missed these rulings. Assisted visits are for those in established close relationships with the inmate prior to incarceration, and not for penpals to get their travel costs paid from. I don’t personally have an issue with a family getting help to see their family member if it’s likely to help with his rehabiliation, and he’s a non-violent category. It would be better if they weren’t in there to begin with, but each case should be assisted on its own individual merits, and by the looks of this site, is.

  • Anonymous

    Lordy, Lordy, my breasts have gone south!
    Definicient porn star, oh what shall I do?
    Attuned to glamour, to fortune, to fame
    With breasts down here – who can I inflame?
    Who shall my glorious public be, who’ll believe my self-publicity?

    After much thought and deliberation, and giving my public consideration
    I have decided that I am onto a winner
    I’ll simply write a serial killer.

  • Anonymous

    Having placed my life in fate, what else it there to do, but wait?
    I have now sent my letter, to Peter Sutcliffe
    For who better? Who else, can there be, infamous in our history?
    Who else wielded weapons, with such precision?
    As he carved each fatal incision?
    I can wait, can bear intrusion
    Can pretend that I have Ripper’s collusion
    As I sit here, pretend victim’s rights,
    And wait for the cheques to roll in.

  • Steve

    Sandra Lester is a fame junkie.

    Failed to get fame as a poet.

    Failed to get fame as a “Girlfriend” of a nutter.
    (Birds of a feather ?)

    Failed as a porn star under a number of names.
    Sandie Lester

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    A Remedy for Noisy Neighbours

    Sapphire & Kelly (probably as Select British Amateurs 6)

    Sarah & Her Randy Nieces
    Select British Amateurs 6 (scene also in Celebrity Shags 3)
    Single Girl Compilation )
    Six Sore Sit-Upons (A Kane Live Show)
    Slutty English Housewives
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    I do hope your book carry’s on the trend of “Failed at”.

    New series of Big Brother starting soon Sandy, ever thought of going into the Big Brother House. (More birds of a feather ?)

  • Anonymous

    Sandra Lester’s last review was ” Her words intimidate the words of the world’s greatest philosophers” her reiviews for her poetry are astonishing!

    She has worked as a highly successful hypnotherapist and she only became a glamour model AFTER her unfortunate dealings with Broadmoor and Sutcliffe. I know her very well and she is a beautiful person with a highly intellgent mind.

    Her background is tragic but her success in life is inspiration. She has been very badly and infairly tarred with the medias rotten brush.

    I admire her courage and if you knew her as well as I do, you would too.

    Not that the likes of you and your words will bother her. She has just been introduced to a relation of Oscar Wilde/a Lord and she has recently turned down performing at GLASTONBURY and she has avoided the media other than to try to set them straight and they should applaud her for trying to change the system and protect other women.

    Check out her poetry, she has 11 myspaces and she is revered in the world of contemporary poetry.

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