Episode 2150

Emo foster boy Newt comes to live with the Osbornes. Rhys learns he’s Beth’s half sister! Sarah’s back from London.

Songs in this episode: Badly Drawn Boy – Silent Sigh, 30 Seconds To Mars – The Kill

The Barnes’

Sarah’s back from London with a new hairstyle, and it’s her birthday.

Amy asks Mike to be nicer to Ste and Mike warns Amy that Ste can’t stay in her room.

Mike’s unimpressed that Sarah left Amy by herself.

Sarah asks Amy why she’s saying Ste is Leah’s dad when it’s really Billy. Amy says she’s happy with him and wishes everyone would leave him alone.

Sarah tells Ste she’ll never forgive him for leaving Amy in the car crash. Ste understands her point of view but says he’s changed and is trying his best.

Noel’s funeral and wake

Rhys still hasn’t heard from Beth and is worried it’s all over.

Neville asks Rhys to go to Noel’s funeral with him but he’s not too keen. Josh and Rhys turn up for the wake, which Neville is grateful for. Rhys says he never knew Noel and it’s Neville would did all the hard work bringing him up and is his dad.

Neville tells Rhys that Noel had another relationship and has a half-sister, dun-dun-dun: it’s BETH!

Tom and OB

Tom’s gets some lessons from a swimming instructor to boost his confident. The swimming instructor invites OB to a swimming fundraiser where there’ll be lots of women.


A new emo foster boy comes to stay with the Osbornes named Barry aka “Newt”. They find it difficult to strike up a conversation with him though as he’s so quiet.

Newt heads up to his room (Craig’s old one) and redecorates it with blue lights and emo band posters.

UK air date: Monday 22 October 2007

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I love Hollyoaks! It's so addictive and crazy!!
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  • Anonymous

    On tomorows Episode, when Rhys is distraught and in his room drinking wine, what is the rock song that is playing? Does anyone know it?

  • Rose4Newt

    OMG Newt is so hot!

    I used to watch Hollyoaks because of the storylines..

    Now i watch it to see Newt.. i sound obsessed but seriously.. i have the biggest crush on him! Haha

    i love you newt! lol

  • freshly_baked_cookies

    ^ I was wondering that too!
    This weeks eps have been cramed with cool songs! 😀

  • Anonymous

    I think it was ever fallen in love with someone you shouldnt have by the buzzcockz

  • Anonymous

    I think it was ever fallen in love with someone you shouldnt have by the buzzcocks

  • Anonymous

    Ever fallen in love with someone you shouldnt have by the buzzcocks

  • Newtlover

    I am in luv with Newt! He is soooooo cool! I hav bought blue lights & even more posters ‘cos of him!:$

  • Newtlover

    I used 2 watch Hollyoaks because I was bored but I liked the characters (wel, some of them anyways)but wen Newt arrived I only watched it 2 C him! A little obsessed…

  • The Vampire Angel Of Death

    newt is so cool- there is a serious lack of newt in hollyoaks. i only watch it coz of him & it’s boring without him because i dont know who anyone is. infact the oly good biabout holluoaks is newt!

    we love you newt

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