Hannah Montana - Sunday October 28

hannah montana
she’s a super sneak (3/26)
i can’t make you love hannah if you don’t (4/26)

This hit Disney series stars Miley Cyrus as Miley Stewart –a girl who leads a dramatic double life. Miley has just moved to Malibu from Tennessee where she is already a successful pop singer called Hannah Montana, but she elects to hide her career from her new friends.

The series follows Miley as she negotiates the difficulties of school life –from getting good grades to impressing boys and being accepted by the various social cliques. She can always count on her dad and manager, Robby –played by the actress’s real-life father, country crooner Billy Ray Cyrus –to help make any situation better.

As awkward as Miley often feels as a teenager, she undergoes a transformation when she performs on stage as Hannah Montana. Unbeknownst to the students in her new school, Miley is a successful singer who travels the world, entertaining fans with the music written by her manager/dad. A straight blonde wig combined with a flashy pop star style allows Miley to keep her identity as an international star a secret –and, most importantly, she knows that she is liked for who she really is.

When Hannah’s two biggest fans, Lilly and Oliver –who also happen to be Miley’s closest friends – discover the true person beneath the costume, Miley is relieved to share her secret as she endures the trials and tribulations of middle school.

In the first episode of today’s double bill, Miley and her brother Jackson are desperate to attend the premiere of Ashton Kutcher’s new film, so they sneak out of the house while their dad is at a meeting. But they are shocked to discover that Robby is also at the premiere, on a date with a mystery woman. Why did he lie about his plans?

In today’s second episode, Miley is alarmed to learn that her new crush, Josh, cannot stand Hannah Montana’s music. Josh agrees to go to one of her concerts to try and change his mind – but only if Miley goes with him.

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