How to Have Sex After Marriage - Wednesday November 7

how to have sex after marriage
mark and tracey (6/10)

Continuing tonight is the frank series in which three experts take a couple with a non-existent sex life and try to put some passion back in their bedroom. In tonight’s instalment, the partners in need of help are Mark and Tracey Niemer –a Rochdale-based couple whose marriage is on the brink of collapse.

Australian-born Mark and wife Tracey have been together for over nine years and live in a quiet residential suburb of Rochdale. After a chance meeting on an American summer camp, they fell in love, toured the world together and eventually tied the knot. But after settling in the UK, their relationship is in danger of going down under.

Mark, who runs his own driving school, describes himself as a perfectionist. Whether it is stacking pots and pans in height order or making the bed with precise hospital corners, Mark’s controlling nature is putting a strain on Tracey, who is often on the receiving end of Mark’s criticism. For Tracey, a lack of self-confidence and a negative body image are the factors affecting her end of the relationship. After losing six stone in just six months and dropping ten dress sizes, Tracey was left with excess skin around her belly which now serves as a lasting reminder of her former size-22 body. She feels unsexy and uncomfortable in any clothing that exposes her midriff and pushes Mark’s hand away should he try to touch her.

To reignite Tracey’s body confidence, resident expert Catherine Townsend takes her to meet top burlesque performer and pin-up girl Bunny Warren. In the decadent surroundings of the Café de Paris and with the help of a professional make-up artist, Tracey is given a lavish makeover, before performing a live striptease to an eager audience. There are baby dolls, corsets and stockings aplenty as Tracey becomes sex kitten Trixy Divine.

While Tracey gets to grips with her body, Mark is brought face to face with six models who are keen to tell him that his controlling nature and negative comments are doing nothing for his marriage. Will the confrontation make Mark see the error of his ways and learn to compliment his wife?

Sex has never been adventurous in Mark and Tracey’s relationship, so the next task for the sexperts is to introduce some much-needed fun and passion back into the couple’s love-making. Sam gives Mark a crash course in all things sex – from toys, dildos and latex outfits to positions and butt plugs. Mark is then invited to take part in a live sex phone-in on the radio as a guest expert. Will he remember enough to hold his own in such a nerveracking situation?

Tracey, meanwhile, has the passion for adventurous sex but lacks the know-how. With the help of two erotic actors and an abundance of practical information from Cat, Tracey is taught a variety of new sexual positions guaranteed to spice up even the dullest of sex routines. Whether on the sofa, over the balcony, in the bath or in bed, each position fits in with the CAT –or ‘coital alignment technique’ –a method used to ensure both partners reach orgasm simultaneously.

After ten days of therapy, it is clear that the Niemers have made a great deal of progress, but there is still a long way to go. Can Anjula, Cat and Sam keep the dream of a great relationship and a fabulous sex life alive for their students?

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  • Anonymous

    Hello all
    can anyone tell me the name of the lady on last nights show (31st October). The one in the Pink dress on the bed giving sex advice to the women having problems!

  • Anonymous

    She was so sexy…anyone with her on your bed would get horny right away! that dress….damn 😉

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone tell me why I can’t find this weeks episode listed in the television pages? Which station is airing this weeks episode as I’d hate to miss it? The series is fantastic and very enlightening.

  • Anonymous

    The program is now only on 5 life on Thursdays and Sundays. Not sure why. Put the show back on Wednesday!

  • Anonymous

    Why has this show been moved? It really annoyes me when something good gets messed about!!!

  • Anonymous

    How do I get a copy of all the series. My husband and I love what we have seen but have missed a number of the series. Can anyone help us find where to buy them.

    This series has really opened up communication between the two of us and there is always room for improvement.

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