How to Have Sex after Marriage - Wednesday October 10

how to have sex after marriage
bobby and chloe (2/10)

Continuing tonight is a new series exploring the sexual problems facing married couples. Three experts in the field of sex and relationships take a couple with a non-existent sex life and try to put some passion back in their bedroom. In tonight’s edition, Anjula, Catherine and Sam come to the aid of Canadian couple Bobby and Chloe whose sex life has collapsed after just five years of marriage.

Canadians Bobby, 34, and Chloe, 32, first met when they were teenagers and were instantly attracted to each other. “It was love at first sight,” recalls Chloe. Nine years later they were married in their dream ceremony in Las Vegas –a day they both cherish and a night to remember. “The sex on our honeymoon was fantastic,” says Bobby. But just five years later, the couple’s relationship is a very different story –on the rare occasion it does happen, sex is passionless and predictable.

The intimacy and confidence problems from which Bobby and Chloe suffer have caused their sex life to grind to a halt, and now threaten to destroy their marriage. Anjula and her team of sexperts have one week to turn the couple’s sexual fortunes around, before it is too late.

Before Bobby and Chloe can begin their therapy proper, they must first address the issues that are preventing them from having a healthy sex life. To this end, Anjula brings the pair together and asks them to rate each other on a scale of one to ten in three significant areas of their relationship: emotions, appearance and sex. “This must be everyone’s worst nightmare,” says a nervous Chloe. Both parties find the task daunting, but the results are a good indication of the dire state of the couple’s relationship. When the couple’s scores are revealed, each has given the other very low ratings in all three areas –leaving the experts in no doubt as to the size of the task in hand. For the coming week, Bobby and Chloe will remain seperate as they move into their own apartments for therapy – their only friends will be Sam and Catherine.

On the first full day of treatment, the experts turn their attention to the uptight Bobby who Anjula thinks must be made to feel vulnerable in order to come to terms with his own shortcomings. Sam takes him aside and shows him some photographs that appear to illustrate an illicit meeting between Chloe and another man. Though Sam quickly explains that the images were staged, the method shows Bobby what could happen if he were to let his relationship problems get any worse.

The first step in Chloe’s treatment is to boost her self-confidence. “I think that Chloe has body image problems,” explains Anjula. In order to address this issue, Catherine has a surprise for Chloe –a room full of naked women of all shapes and sizes. Catherine hopes that being confronted with so many real women confident enough to bare all will show Chloe that her body is perfectly normal.

Catherine then shows Chloe a life-size silhouette of a woman and asks her to sketch what she imagines her own body outline to be. Having drawn a woman way bigger than the image before her, Chloe is shocked to learn that the silhouette is actually her own. “I don’t believe it’s me,” she says. “I don’t see that at all.” “I know,” reassures Catherine, “but you will.”

The following day, the experts focus on getting Chloe and Bobby to have sex again. In order to help Chloe feel sexy, Catherine takes her for a lesson in lap dancing. Meanwhile, Sam gives Bobby some hints in sensual massage with the help of a female volunteer. Both parties are pushed way out of their comfort zones, but the treatment seems to work. “Bobby and Chloe are changing before our very eyes,” says Anjula.

At the end of an emotional week of intensive therapy, Bobby and Chloe are sent back to Las Vegas to renew their wedding vows and rekindle their relationship at the scene of their former sexual triumphs. Have Anjula and her team managed to recapture the past and allow Chloe and Bobby to have sex after marriage again?

About the author

  • Bobby Buckley

    This was truly a life changing experience for Chloe and I. It really taught us how to open our lines of communication with each other and not to take each other for granted. We have been together for 16yrs so after time you start to fall into the same daily, weekly, monthly routine.

    Chloe and I are normally a very private couple and do not talk in detail about our sex lives with our mates and co-workers. So why go on TV and announce this to everyone people have asked. Well, all we can really say is we realized our relationship was in need of some guidance and this was an oppertunity that both of us did not want to pass up.

    After we completed filming and started talking with our mates and co-workers about the experience we were amazed at how many people confided with us that they too had very similar problems and habits.

    Chloe and I are very excited about the show, hopefully it is edited in a manner to do our “Life changing experience” justice.

    We are fairly confident people will be able to take something out of the show to help with their own relationship which we are very proud of.

    It is an emotional roller coaster…hopefully you will get a chance to see it.



  • megan marshall

    well done to you both , brilliant show , cant wait for next week !!
    best wishes to you both ,
    megan and rick (ep 1)

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