How To Have Sex After Marriage - Wednesday October 23

how to have sex after marriage
john and debbie (4/10)

Continuing tonight is the frank series that explores the sexual problems facing married couples, as three experts take a couple with a non-existent sex life and try to put some passion back in their bedroom. In tonight’s instalment, the team comes to the aid of John and Debbie, a duo whose fairytale romance gave way to emotional and sexual frustration just two years after their marriage.

When John and Debbie met five years ago, there was an instant attraction and they were married just five months later. “It was a fairytale,” recalls Debbie. “I was on cloud nine,” adds John. Two years of wedded bliss followed with lots of exciting sex, but their relationship today tells a different story. Once a keen footballer, John has since given up sport and turned into something of a couch potato. “We don’t have sex, we don’t talk… we don’t do anything together,” explains a frustrated Debbie. She now feels emotionally and sexually ignored, and often writes angry notes to her husband, leaving John feeling insecure and under pressure. Now, with their marriage in jeopardy, the couple have come to Anjula, Sam and Catherine for help. Over the next ten days, they will be in the hands of the experts as they attempt to save their marriage and reinvogorate their sex life.

The first step of the programme is for Debbie and John to face up to the extent of their problems by rating each other across three significant areas of their relationship: emotions, appearance and sex. The scores are shockingly low and cause the couple some upset, but the exercise is an essential part of confronting the issues at hand. The pair are then taken to seperate apartments where they will remain throughout their therapy.

A flagging sex life is often the result of deeper emotional problems, so the experts decide to tackle this area of the couple’s relationship before anything else. They begin with John who Anjula says has become “passive in his own life.” In order to give him a reality check, Sam shows him his own gravestone which has been mocked up in the local graveyard. “This experience will make him feel like he’s got a second chance,” explains Anjula. “He can now become the man he wants to be.”

Debbie is also given a shock when she is presented with an alternative vision of the future in the form of some video footage showing John meeting, seducing and marrying another woman. The footage is only role-play, but it has the desired effect on Debbie: “I just feel really angry,” she says. “It should be me!”

Once the couple have realised what could happen to their relationship if they do not act soon, the therapy can change direction. “Now we need to concentrate on getting them to have great sex again,” says Anjula. After putting him though a strict exercise regime, Sam takes John on a masterclass in tantric sex. With the help of an expert in the field and two willing models, John is shown a number of tricks and techniques to make sex last for hours. “I’m looking forward to trying this out,” he announces.

Debbie, meanwhile, is given a unique opportunity to introduce variety into her sex life, by directing her own porn movie. In the capable hands of a top female porn director and with the help of two actors who will play herself and her husband, Debbie creates a visual guide for John that will show him exactly what she wants out of sex. “It was an experience I don’t think I’ll ever forget,” she says when the filming is over.

After a week of separation, Debbie and John are to be reunited on a second honeymoon in Portugal, but not before each is given a professional makeover to make them look their best. Has their time in the hands of the sexperts equipped them with the skills they need to allow them to have sex after marriage once more?

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