How to Have Sex After Marriage - Wednesday October 31

how to have sex after marriage
naomi and jamie (5/10)

Continuing tonight is the frank series that explores the sexual problems facing married couples. Three experts take a couple with a non-existent sex life and try to put some passion back in their bedroom. In tonight’s instalment, the team comes to the aid of Naomi and Jamie, whose love life has stalled as Naomi has lost all interest in sex while Jamie feels emasculated at home.

Jamie and Naomi have been married for three years. Since the birth of their two children, their once fulfilling sex life has taken a nose dive. They are now sleeping in separate bedrooms and are in danger of splitting up if matters do not improve.

Naomi wields the power in the relationship as she is the breadwinner and runs the house like a military operation. Jamie, meanwhile, feels inferior to Naomi, is utterly lacking in self-confidence and thinks that his wife no longer fancies him.

With regards to their sex life, Jamie still sees sex as an extremely important part of their relationship –but Naomi says she can live without it. Having never experienced an orgasm, Naomi feels that there is no point to sex and wants any intercourse to be over with as soon as possible. Sexually frustrated Jamie has lost the art of how to romance Naomi and takes any affection he receives from her as a chance to initiate sex.

Anjula, Cat and Sam get to work rebuilding Jamie and Naomi’s faltering marriage by encouraging Naomi to start trusting Jamie and treating him more like a husband than one of the children. Meanwhile, an emasculated Jamie is sent to Frontiers – a ‘man’ course designed to bring his inner caveman to the fore.

Naomi’s libido is given the kiss of life as she is shown the best techniques to enhance her chances of having mind-blowing orgasms. And Jamie learns what women really want when some highly attractive ladies visit his apartment and explain the true art of seduction.

With Naomi and Jamie’s marriage heading down the divorce route, will Anjula, Sam and Cat be able to show them the importance of intimacy in a marriage and enhance their bedroom antics?

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