ITV1: Monday 15 October 2007

Police Camera Action
Monday 15 October 2007 10:00pm – 10:30pm on ITV1.

Police Camera Action is back with a new series featuring some of the most shocking driving and outrageous police chases captured on police cameras from Bedfordshire to Kentucky.

In programme four, Alastair Stewart and Adrian Simpson address the issue of theft and learn that, as the crime diversifies, so must the measures taken to combat it.

Adrian meets Vehicle Inspector Martyn Weightman of Greater Manchester Police, who explains that not just high end performance cars are at risk from car thieves. As global demand for scrap metal grows, older cars without immobilisers are increasing being targeted for scrap.

Greater Manchester Police pursue a stolen Landrover which is breaking the speed limit heading the wrong way down a dual carriageway, while police in Peterborough enlist the help of Cambridgeshire’s Air Support Unit to track a youth on a stolen motorbike racing down pedestrian paths and across a football pitch in his attempts to evade capture.

And a new weapon in the battle against the criminals is revealed as footage shows car thieves in Canada caught on recently developed in-car cameras. But hi-tech tools need not be necessary, as Adrian discovers at the Motor Insurance Research Centre in Thatcham, where he learns how a wheel lock costing as little as £40 can stop even an extremely determined car thief.

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  • Shaun Scanlon

    PCA is a wondeful program, Alastair Stewart is back and has been reduced to just introducing and ending the show which is very sad to see, the other presenter, Adrian Simpson, takes up 99% of the presenting duties, which i don’t like. I like Simpson, he is a good addition to the show, i would love to see the presenting duties split 50:50.

    Positives- ITS BACK!

    As good as ever

    Alastair Stewart and Adrian Simpson are great!

    Negatives- Simpson is always there. The show needs Stewart more

    I’ve noticed a slight reduction in the amount of chases shown.

    Simpson is always there explaining laws, statistics and asking policemen questions. As useful an insight it is, i don’t need it all the time.

    To sum up, its great but we need less of Simpson and more of Stewart, and more chases.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s so hypocritical that Alastair Stewart is still presenting this show in such a preachy manner, after being twice convicted of drink driving offenses.

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