ITV1: Sunday 21 October - Friday 26 October

Coronation Street
Sunday 21 October 2007 7:30pm – 8:00pm on ITV1.

John’s (Graeme Hawley) feeling terrible about kissing Rosie (Helen Flanagan) and calls her as soon as Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) is out of sight to talk about what happened. Rosie has the keys for Carla’s flat whilst she’s on holiday and suggests they meet there. However, when John arrives it’s clear he’s still very much attracted to the teenage temptress and finds it very difficult to resist her. When she offers to show him the bedroom a weak John allows himself to be coaxed….

Meanwhile, David (Jack P Shepherd) is spending more and more time sitting in his car staring at people and seems increasingly unstable. Sarah (Tina O’ Brien) is relieved that he seems to have run out of ideas but it’s clear that he’s just biding his time. What is his next move going to be?

Over in Roy’s Rolls, Hayley’s (Julie Hesmondhalgh) decided that she and Roy (David Neilson) must move on with life but Roy still feels guilty about his part in the Christian incident and goes to the record shop to talk to him. However, when he discovers that Christian left Manchester rather hastily after a young woman beat him up , he breaks the news to a devastated Hayley and Becky (Katherine Kelly) admits that she might have something to do with his disappearance! Roy apologises to Hayley, who just wants to move on with her life and is sick of hearing him say sorry, is now even more determined to take part in a volunteer project oversees. Will she go through with it? Will Roy be willing to leave his beloved cafe?

Elsewhere, Jodie’s (Samantha Seager) furious with Jerry (Michael Starke) and is having to work all hours in the kebab shop, but Lloyd (Craig Charles) thinks she’s making excuses and doesn’t want to go out with him. Will he give up on her? And Doreen (Barbara Young) can’t decide between Ivor and George.

This episode is written by Peter Whalley, produced by Steve Frost and directed by Tim Dowd.

Monday 22 October 7.30pm

David’s (Jack P Shepherd) brimming with fury as he watches everyone playing happy families without him and when Gail (Helen Worth) reveals that Sarah (Tina O’Brien) won’t be persuaded and he just isn’t going to be able to come to the wedding, it’s clear that he’s truly hurt at being excluded. Later, Bill (Peter Armitage) rubs salt in the wound when he drives past with Jason (Ryan Thomas) and taunts David for being a loner. Enraged he makes his way to the empty builders’ yard. As he prowls around looking for mischief, deleting messages and destroying invoices, he finds a spanner and starts loosening the bolts on the balcony before sneaking out unnoticed. Who will bear the brunt of David’s practical joke? And will he be laughing if someone gets seriously hurt?

Meanwhile, in Roy’s Rolls, the Croppers are offered work on a volunteer project in Africa but when they’re told they have to leave that night, Roy (David Neilson) decides its too short notice to pack up and leave and suggests they look at doing a feasability study for the next project in 2014! Hayley’s (Julie Hesmondhalgh) gutted but when Liam (Rob James-Collier) tells Hayley he’s fine with her leaving the factory for six months and Becky (Katherine Kelly) agrees to manage the café for Roy, they realise they’re all set to go! They decide to go through with it and leave that night, only to discover that there’s only one place left and they can’t go after all. Hayley’s cresfallen while Roy’s relieved and knowing how much this means to her, he tells Hayley to go without him. Will she leave her husband and follow her dream?

Maria’s (Samia Smith) fuming when she sees Liam kissing a glamorous woman outside the factory and feeling insecure she laments that once again she’s fallen for a cheater. However, when she sees him in the pub later he explains that it was just a business associate and suggests he take her out for dinner to make up for it. Will Maria learn to trust Liam?

Elsewhere, Chesney (Sam Aston) tells Kirk (Andrew Whyment) that they need to stop people coming into their mess of a house or Social Services may get wind of the state it’s in and take action. And as Violet (Jenny Platt) feels the baby kick for the first time, Sean (Antony Cotton) confesses to a worried Jamie (Rupert Hill) that he’s wants to be as involved as possible with the baby. Will Sean get too attached?

This episode is written by Joe Turner, produced by Steve Frost and directed by Michael Kerrigan.

Monday 22 October 8.30pm

As Jason (Ryan Thomas) leans precariously on the unstable balcony, David (Jack P Shepherd) starts to have second thoughts about his sabotage and heads over. Jason’s bragging to Todd (Bruno Langley) and Becky (Katherine Kelly) about how he’s the real boss of the business and he has to put up with Bill (Peter Armitage) – “the old codger”. Bill’s listening to Jason’s rant and decides to sneak up on him and give him a shock. However as he jumps back surprised to see his boss he falls on the loosened railing and falls down to the street crushed by the scaffolding poles. Becky, Todd, Bill and a horrified David watch on in shock as Jason’s rushed to hospital and Sarah’s (Tina O’ Brien) dismayed when the doctor tells him he won’t be able to walk for a while and shouldn’t make any plans for the next few weeks! Will they ever make it down the aisle?

Elsewhere, Roy (David Neilson) admits that he doesn’t feel as passionate about the volunteer scheme as Hayley (Julie Hesmonhalgh) does and will be happy keeping the home fires burning while Hayley fulfils her dream. She take some persuading but when she comes to the rescue to help Jason she realises how much she enjoys helping others, and eventually agrees to go and bids an emotional farewell to Roy and Becky (Katherine Kelly) as she embarks on her journey. How will Roy manage without his wife?

Meanwhile, Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) is pleasantly surprised when she receives flowers from John (Graeme Hawley) at work and Sally (Sally Whittaker) can’t help but feel jealous. However, John gets a surprise of his own when Rosie (Helen Flanagan) informs him that she has decided to return to school. But not to Oakhill, she is going back to Weatherfield High so they can see each other every day! John asserts that he can’t see her if she’s a student at his school but Rosie’s confident that they can continue with their affair as long as they don’t get caught…Has John bitten off more than he can chew with Rosie? Will he risk loosing his job over her?

Elsewhere, Jamie (Rupert Hill) warns Violet (Jenny Platt) that Sean (Antony Cotton) might want to be more involved with her baby than he’s letting on..

This episode was written by Joe Turner, produced by Steve Frost and directed by Michael Kerrigan.

Wednesday 24 October 7.30pm

While everyone’s relieved when Jason (Ryan Thomas) is discharged from hospital, Bill (Peter Armitage) is suspicious about why the previously solid scaffolding would just suddenly collapse and realises that it’s been tampered with. He and Jason instantly suspect David (Jack P Shepherd) and Jason informs Gail (Helen Worth) and Sarah (Tina O’Brien) that David told him a while ago that he wished they were all dead. Gail’s horrified and her attempts at denial are feeble as she realises she has to put an end to his reign of terror once and for all…

In the hospital, Marcus (Charlie Condou) carries out the twenty-two week scan and asks Violet (Jenny Platt) and Sean (Antony Cotton) if they want to know the sex of the baby. Sean immediately says yes but when Violet says no, Marcus tells a desperate Sean that he’won’t be able to tell him. However, when Sean refers to “our child” Violet’s reminded of Jamie’s warning and feels uneasy. Does Sean want to be more than a donor to the baby?

Meanwhile, Rosie (Helen Flanagan) hands in her notice at the factory and tells Liam (Rob James- Collier) that she’s going back to school. When John (Graeme Hawley) arrives at the Webster’s early for his lesson with Sally and continues to flirt with Rosie, it’s clear that he has no intention of finishing things between them yet…

Elsewhere, Lloyd’s (Craig Charles) determined to take Jodie (Samantha Seager) on a date and arranges a baby-sitter for the kids so they can go out. Will they finally get a chance to have their first date?

Meanwhile, Ivor (Paul Copley) and George (Keith Barron) are convinced that Doreen (Barbara Young) is the woman Norris is interested in…

This episode is written by Simon Crowther, produced by Steve Frost and directed by Michael Kerrigan.

Friday 26 October 7.30pm

Gail (Helen Worth) and Sarah (Tina O’ Brien) arrive at the salon to confront David (Jack P Shepherd) about his alleged murderous streak and as David furiously denies the allegations, Audrey (Sue Nicholls) tells him to go home and not to come into the salon for a few days. David sits brooding in his car after being sacked by Audrey and is upset as he witnesses everyone rallying around Sarah, who’s cancelled her hen night after the week’s drama. As Sarah decides not to let her villainous brother get to her anymore, Gail is at her wits end with him, and when she spots him sleeping in his car she forces him to come into the house. David is genuine when he pleads with his mother to help him after she demands to know why he’s so consumed with hatred and why he’s only happy when other people are hurting. However, Gail tells him she can’t keep turning a blind eye and doesn’t trust him around the people she cares about and wants him to stay away from Sarah and from the wedding. David vows that they’ll never have to worry about him ever again. Will he keep his promise?

In the pub, Sean (Antony Cotton) is trying unsuccesfully to persuade Violet (Jenny Platt) to change her mind about finding out the sex of the baby and when Marcus (Charlie Condou) comes in Sean tricks him into revealing that the baby is a boy! Marcus storms out mortified, leaving Violet suspicious as to what has gone on. How will she feel if she discovers that Sean has undermined her?

Meanwhile, Eileen (Sue Cleaver) is baby-sitting at the Morton’s whilst Jodie (Samantha Seager) goes out with Lloyd (Craig Charles). However, when Eileen catches Kayleigh (Jessica Barden) about to go out after climbing down the drain pipe, she tries to stop her but Kayleigh is having none of it and calls Jodie claiming that Eileen hit her! Furious, Jodie has to leave Lloyd and come home to deal with Kayleigh. Will she ever be able to go on a date with Lloyd?

Elsewhere, Liam’s (Rob James-Collier) clearly missing Carla but covers his feelings by buying Maria (Samia Smith) a piece of jewellery. Will he continue to ignore his attraction to Carla?

This episode is written by Julie Jones, produced by Steve Frost and directed by Michael Kerrigan.

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