ITV1: Thursday 18 October

The Whistleblowers
Thursday 18 October 2007 9:00pm – 10:00pm on ITV1.

Mehmet, a young Turkish illegal immigrant, is smuggled through immigration at a London airport. He’s picked up by a notorious Turkish gangster and, within hours, has shot two people on the street. One is clearly a planned hit, but the other is an innocent bystander.

According to young single mother Sarah, who works in immigration at the airport, Mehmet is not the first to slip through the net. Ben and Alisha convince her that she cannot blow the whistle anonymously and prepare her for the worst – like many whistleblowers before her, Sarah could face a tribunal and may lose her job. Willing to take the risk, Sarah sets about getting proof that she alerted her boss, Alan Marshall to the illegal entry. They then move onto Mehmet’s lawyer, Anna Charteris.

There’s something strange about Charteris, mainly because she does not seem to have her client’s best interests at heart. Sarah is struggling to get them the evidence they need – Marshall is under the cosh from Radford, a minister at the Home Office, over the shootings. The last thing he needs is anything which would prove he turned a blind eye to illegal entry to leak out.

Ben goes to London’s Turkish community to find out more about Mehmet. He discovers that, not only are corrupt officers allowing illegal immigrants into the country, but they are also working with gangsters from the Turkish community to bring in potential hit men to use in the on-going turf war. When no legal form of entry is available to them, immigrants are forced to carry out hits in return for getting into the UK. Mehmet is a victim in all of this. Ben is warned off the case by two thugs who assault him.

Undeterred, Ben and Alisha begin to investigate the connection between the immigration service and the gangsters. There they uncover a web of corrupt officers, lawyers and politicians with their own agendas. When Sarah’s story goes public, she is suspended immediately from her job. Radford, aware of the case building against the immigration service, leaks a story about Sarah’s past mental health problems and she and her little boy Danny are hounded by the press. Then Sarah’s employment tribunal is fast tracked, giving Ben and Alisha little time to prepare.

Kenny then discovers Charteris has links to the Turks who assaulted Ben. Following her, he discovers the lawyer is complicit in the immigration scam with a colleague of Sarah’s, Paul Bannon.

Alisha is defending Sarah in her tribunal. She pulls out all the stops in what little time she has but, without enough evidence, advises Sarah to settle. Marshall steps into the breech and admits in court that he had been made aware by Sarah of the corruption. When Bannan is arrested, it appears Sarah has been successful in blowing apart the trafficking ring. But Charteris is released without charge, thanks to Radford’s intervention.

Ben and Alisha get more than they bargain for when they confront Radford, who confesses the real reason why corruption in the immigration service has an entirely political agenda. One they are a long way from ever proving…

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    Does anyone know the name of the actress who played Sarah?

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